10 Best-Looking Games of 2014

As the year is coming to an end, many gamers are asking which game released this year looks most attractive and graphically good looking.

To help, The Gaming Report has round up the top 10 best-looking and most attractive games of 2014.

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NerdStar71446d ago

I haven't played many new games this year, but DRIVECLUB and Advanced Warfare are up there in terms on visuals.

Ripsta7th1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Honestly AW looked like ghosts(ps4)
When they were realeasing those screenshots it looked way wayy better than the final product
Driveclub i have yet to play, waiting on the Plus version

shloobmm31445d ago

It is far superior to Ghost in every way what are you smoking.

UKmilitia1445d ago

AW looks way better than ghosts dude.

mmcglasson1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

So I just bought DriveClub this weekend at GameStop ($39.99 on sale).

I will say the game looks great but I think I had my expectations for it's graphics set too high. I will say I'm playing on a crappy 19" Samsung (720p) because my basement recently had a water pipe break and the drywall is getting replaced. So I'm not using my regular gaming TV (Samsung UN55F8000BF).

It should look much better on my normal tv. Either way, in the videos I watched on YouTube I was more impressed than with what I saw while playing it. Keep in mind, I still think it looks great and it plays very well. I was just expecting better. The weather effects though, are freaking amazing. The game is fun, I love the handling. don't know why people were complaining about the AI because the AI is great. I'm not that far into the game yet, but I've beat every race I've played in first place while completing all the side tasks (speed, lap time, etc). There were a few races I had to restart in order to beat the time. I also haven't played against anyone online yet though.

I'd definitely give the game at least an 8.0 (I give it an 8.5). I'd personally like it more if there was American and Japanese cars rather than just European. I also like games that you can customize your vehicles in. I understand those are features this game wasn't meant to have. The features that I wanted did not impact my score.

I will update my impressions of the graphics once I get back to my gaming TV.

iplay1up21446d ago

Destiny may be great to look at, but the gameplay is average at best, and no I have not done the dlc, because a game with so much hype and a $60 price tag, should be able to hold its own, and without me forking out more cash to make the game worth playing.

madmonkey011446d ago

the actual gameplay is the best part about destiny, its just the grind, and lack of content that lets it down.

Hammtweezy2192 1445d ago

Agreed man, the constant grinding in the same places, for the same crap, is what really brings it down for me. Good game by all means but it's lost some appeal after how much work it is. I suppose that isn't an issue if your a kid and have gobs of time on your hands but, as an adult paying bills that weekly reset really pisses me off lol.

UKmilitia1445d ago

i love destiny,seriously love it but lack of content has killed it.

a few years back i had EQ2 and u could grind on that but there was 60lvl and different areas with certain lvl instances etc(lower areas no agro mobs) so when u had a high lvl u could start a ALT because u gamed in different areas and zones with loads of missions.

Prob with Destiny is the fact u have done all areas by lvl 15 except the raids and couplke strikes,so by the time u max lvl at 20 u are already grinding the same lvls u did and thats what kills it imo.
also the rotation on strikes are a mess so constantly repeating same strikes in the playlists.

shame because i really do think that Destiny couldnt of become the biggest console game ever,it had the chance but greed came into it too and DLC was the chosen path.

LAWSON721445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Destinys only saving grace was its gameplay IMO.

Perjoss1445d ago

Great musical score and impressive visuals too IMO.

d_g1446d ago

Destiny !! say whaaat

tee_bag2421446d ago

What a wack list. Destiny number 1? lol umm nah.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1446d ago

The list isn't in any order he said, but I was shocked Destiny even made it on there. The game's certainly not ugly but it isn't top 10 either.

Angerfist1445d ago

True. It's hold back by old gen. Same can be said for Far Cry 4. Not that dramatic in FCs Case.
The open world in that one is a huge achievement.

I would say GTA 5 is on of the best. The environments are so much more alive on Next Gen.
Horizon 2 certainly looks good too.

Next Year starts good with The Order graphically and that's just the beginning.
Finally the 360 and PS3 get put aside by devs.

_-EDMIX-_1445d ago

LOL! Too funny. Not enough full next gen games to really make a great list.

We clearly know Driveclub, AC Unity etc will be (or should be) near the top of that list.