Xur Extended

Bungie has announced that players are starting to filter back onto the Destiny servers after the extended Christmas outage due to both the PSN and Xbox Live being affected by service interruptions.

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Seraphim1445d ago

just a shame Xur didn't bring us a Christmas Bag of goodies this week. Black Friday no sale, Christmas junk... Would have been nice to see them do a fan service and offer items we want. Perhaps some day Bungie will do us all a great fan service.

CorndogBurglar1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Bungie has something ready for New Year's. Expect to see it next week sometime. I imagine it'll be something similar to what they did for Halloween.

Cra2yey31445d ago

Disagreed but meant to agree. No presents from Bungie... Cough G-horn Cough

Tru_Blu1445d ago

Unless you need to upgrade something xur is useless this week anyway. That gun he is selling is beyond worthless.