Why 2014 was Microsoft's comeback year

Hindustantimes "If we turn the clock back to the end of 2013, Microsoft was emerging from one of its worst years in recent memory. The great tech empire was beginning to show cracks. Windows 8 at launch was a disaster (still is) as it tried to mesh phones, tablets and desktops into a single user interface. And Microsoft's big hardware launch, the Xbox One, fumbled in the beginning with its high price and confused messaging around whether users would have to stay online as long when they played a game."

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lifeisgamesok1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

It has been a tremendous year

The backlash did damage but MS is turning the ship around without a doubt

People are starting to realize Xbox One is awesome

Foehammer1449d ago

So true

and so many sectors




all doing really well

PeaSFor1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

(i know its gonna hurt your feelings fanboihammer but whatever, deal with it)

..too bad MS can BARELY outsell(well, if the tracking is accurate) the ps4 in two regions with pretty much EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink....

meanwhile the ps4 still outsell the xbox one worldwide and the gap still grow months after months, days after days.

that said, good job to Spencer for recuperating this sad trainwreck and putting it back on the rail, sure its 8 millions behind the ps4, but at least its back on rail and not crashed at the bottom of a canyon anymore.

Pogmathoin1449d ago

Peesfur, where would you exist without xbox and its articles though?

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mcstorm1449d ago

Foehammer your spot on. Microsoft are about to start growing again under the new management. Their hardware business is really putting out some great hardware (Surface 2 and Pro 3) for example we are soon to see the Microsoft phones hitting the market. Add windows 10 to this office Touch, Azure and more will really help them over the next few years.

badz1491449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )


"People are starting to realize Xbox One is awesome"

by awesome you mean, cheaper than PS4?

and come on, "comeback year"? the sale surge only happen after the price cuts and insane deals. "comeback months" is the more accurate term.

ShinMaster1449d ago

2014 was a great year for Xbox.

2015 will be even better for PS4.

jmetalhead98121449d ago

Lol at the disagrees. It IS an awesome console. Not saying it's better than another console, just saying it's an awesome console. What the hell is wrong with saying that?? Xbox made an incredible comeback in the back half of the year. Future is very bright, and I'm looking forward to some awesome games again in 2015!!!

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daBUSHwhaka1449d ago

Look at the disagrees.You state the truth but some folk just hate any positive,honest comments about xbox.

kenmid1449d ago

@daBush, thats normal for this site, it just the PS4 haters. Bring on the disagree, I know I will get them. Microsoft is doing very well.

Stiffler1449d ago

Welcome to N4G boys. Been this way for a while, just look how broken the rep system is...all the fanboys have 9 bubs.

Just ignore it though and live on. Pathetic people will be fanboys whe true gamers like myself don't have to bicker about which plastic box is *better* because we own ALL OF THEM :)

Game on pals, have fun bickering fanboys!

No_Limit1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I remember that the mod here promised us that a new system will be inserted and replaced this current flaw and bias bubble and disagree system and make it more fair to gamers regardless of which brand they support.

Well, it is almost the New Year and we are still stuck with this same "unfair, and bias" system of downvoting and manipulating bubble system. How do you expect xbox fans like Foehammer and lifeisgamesok to defend themselves when they are constantly being shut down with only one chance to speak and get downvoted like it is going out of style even when what they said does make sense like what they are saying here and did not even come remotely close of attacking or troll on any other system or fanbase at all in their post.

HaveAsandwich1449d ago

its first year, was its comeback year. ok.

marlinfan101449d ago

Lol at the disagrees. Man the Sony fanboys on this site are honestly about as pathetic as it gets. This goes for you also, peasfor. The Xbox has hit 10 million sold in just over a year, that's impressive no matter how you spin it.

It's sad you can't even say xbox did a good job without getting disagreed to hell on this site. And then the Sony fans try and say this isn't a pro Sony site LMAO

Septic1449d ago

You can tell they're out in full force when schools are shut. I've noticed that trend for a while lol.

saint_seya1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

How come what septic said isnt flagged as trolling, theres no other way to call, off topic, and blatant trolling.. and people here complaining of mods not doing anything with the system that favours sony fans...

OT: Idk if to call it comeback #to be a comeback, should be like loosing for an entire year, and then winning al 2014, things that didnt happen#, but i think that at least MS got a better image after that really bad start.

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No_Limit1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

It is unfortunately you are getting attack and get downvoted into oblivion by the other faction even if you are sticking with topic on a XBOX article and said nothing regarding the other brand.

I respect that you are hanging in there and didn't let these obvious hate downvote get to you. You and Forhammer continue to spread the good word regardless of the fanboys that keep downvoting on you guys.

I agree, 2014 is a great year for Xb1 fans. We get monthly updates to include such thing as Snap, external HDD support, DLNA media support, and news of WIndows 10 will also be coming in early 201 to make it better.

On the sotware front, we xbox gamers get every major third party support and a stellar lineup of exclusives like Titanfall, KI Season 2, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Project Spark, and Halo MCC with the Halo 5 beta included and starting next week.

MS, with Phil Spencer now leading the way, saw a great sense of getting gamers involve and listening to their feedback which include a Stand Alone cheaper SkU, changing the XB Live policy to allow apps to be Gold Free, and adding in free monthly games for XB1 as well to subscribers.

Lastly, they have great deals for every gamer looking for a great gaming and media All-in-one device in their home this holiday and 2015 and beyond is looking brighter than ever.

Go ahead, fanboys, go hit the disagrees button.

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No_Limit1449d ago


Why are you talking to yourself? I have a couple of votes so you ain't talking to me. LOL

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daBUSHwhaka1449d ago

Microsoft have stood there ground very well.The last few months have been very interesting indeed.Great games,updates and apps.Just hit 10 million sales which is superb.2015 will see some great exclusive and third party titles,new apps and updates which makes the Xbox One deserve it's place under my tv.Had my doubts after what was a shocking announcement on Microsofts behalf but glad I took the gamble.

Rimeskeem1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

IM probably the minority here, but imo windows 8 was fine once you got used to it.

IrishSt0ner1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Yea it's grand although I honestly never use Metro UI. Windows 10 boots into a Win7 style desktop with a titled menu. Now everyone thinks that's great, I just think people hate change...

All that aside there's a noticeable performance improvement with Win10 over Win8 (just as there was with W8 over W7, which nobody seemed to care about).

OT: 2014 was a fantastic year for their software and hardware businesses, they've clearly showned they're not on a downward spiral as many of us expected may happen. Windows is turning out to be a great ecosystem for all relevant devices.

Applejack1449d ago

I'm glad the author knew exactly why the xbox one had so much backlash before its launch. A whole year later and I'm so glad the system is in a much better position to change for the better. Now I want Microsoft to start releasing more platformers and I'll be a happy man.

Enemy1449d ago

3rd place is 3rd place, sorry. Their 2015 lineup looks really bad too.

kenmid1449d ago

When you make stupid ridiculous comments like this one, can you explain why the 2015 lineup is so bad?

SoapShoes1449d ago

Probably because, like 2014 it's barren. We don't know their whole schedule but we know how bad 2014 was until the holidays.

zero_gamer1449d ago

It's not third place, actually. The Wii U took that spot.

Xb1ps41449d ago

As bad as ps4's 2014 line up?

sinspirit1449d ago

3rd place doesn't mean it isn't successful.

And, on topic, there were hefty price cuts and bundles to make X1 sell so well. It didn't exactly make money, but it did sell a lot.

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