5 Most Anticipated PS4 Exclusive Upcoming Games

Probably the biggest difference between the Wii, PlayStation and the Xbox is the difference in the games they host where the PlayStation and the Xbox might have games in common but the Nintendo’s Wii is totally separate in the type of games it hosts. For someone who is just a casual buyer, the difference in CPU, GPU and ram don’t mean much and basically the games one can play and buy on the console decides whether the person buys a console. And to help you decide which console to buy, below are some of the PS4 exclusives coming up in 2015.

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Rimeskeem1424d ago

It's amazing to think that 2 of those games are coming in the upcoming months.

Enemy1424d ago

Bloodborne GOTY 2015.

smolinsk1424d ago

Wild and no man's sky is the most anticipated exclusive games for me :-)

Jaqen_Hghar1424d ago

Ratchet Remake instead of Hellblade and a man agrees.