Jurassic Park: Aftermath - New Screenshots Released

The creator of Jurassic Park: Aftermath has been releasing lots of new images from his upcoming freeware project these past few days, and today the modder released three new, showing off the road from the Helicopter and Waterfall area to the Visitor's Center.

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Rimeskeem1243d ago

I need a good dinosaur game in my life.

Applejack1243d ago

Everytime I hear dinosaur and game, I think of Guerra Games' new project that might possibly feature robot dinosaurs.

DillyDilly1243d ago

It feels like this will never get released at this point

1243d ago
KillerPwned1243d ago

The fact that its being built on the CRYENGINE is genius I think with how gorgeous it made Crysis look this engine will do wonders for this game.