Xbox One Sales Top 10 Million Worldwide

This has been a strong holiday for sales of video game consoles. Microsoft has done everything it can to turn around the sluggish sales of the Xbox One. The temporary $50 price cut in the US has helped push Xbox One sales.

The Xbox One has now sold more than 10 million units worldwide, with sales of 10.06 million units. The milestone was achieved on the week ending December 13, 2014, where it sold 546,189 units.

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Rimeskeem1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Consoles are surely not dead and this is surely a good thing.

madmonkey011446d ago

all vgchartz posts are rumors, because thats all they are.

u got owned1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

I dont understand why are you getting disagrees.

n4rc1446d ago

Its only rumor if its positive Xbox news.. Oh but ps4 beat out Xbox for November? Hell ya! Go vgc!!


madmonkey011445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

@n4rc nope check all the n4g posts, they are always listed as rumour, have been for years. my post was a reply to the scripts post, suggesting only positive xbox news is a rumour.

but he edited his post making my post look off topic.

thewhiteelephant1445d ago

@mikeslemonade Sonys numbers are shipped not sold also. There's absolutely no way of tracking sold through unless every single console needs to be initally connected to the internet.

rainslacker1445d ago

VGChartz reporting on something that they are sourcing themselves....sounds like proper journalism to me.:)

Not that I doubt the numbers, but to anyone who doesn't want to read the article, this number is based on VGChartz numbers, not an official statement from MS.

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Foehammer1446d ago ShowReplies(13)
fermcr1446d ago

"Xbox One Sales Top 10 Million Worldwide"

I suspect vgchartz are under-tracking X1/PS4 sales. Microsoft announced they had shipped almost 10 million X1's a couple of months ago... so what about holiday and Christmas sales ?

If I had to guess I would say the PS4 is at 18-19 million and the X1 at 12-13 million.

psforward1445d ago

Microsoft announced a few months ago that they would "soon" have shipped 10 million Xbox Ones, now they apparently have. Your estimate is a bit off, easy mistake to make.

DonFreezer1445d ago

I don't think Microsoft can keep those sales continuing. If they had to reduce the price, offer free games and live subscriptions and still were outsold worldwide by the ps4 then they won't have a chance when they return to their normal pricing. People have been so feed up by Sony's lies and fud that even with all those price drops and the free games(not to mention most of them have been rated highly and have been exclusive titles) they have choose the inferior in every way(except theoretical performance) ps4.There are still ps fanboys who spread things like the One can't play used games in order to make their fans get the ps4. And don't forget that most countries in Europe have the ps4 in every major shop up front. You barely see any ad for the One in Europe.

reaperofsouls1445d ago

the vgchartz article about how the ps4 sold 17 million unit has failed - the xbox defence league strikes again!

MasterCornholio1445d ago

It did?

Well then this article should be failed as well. Its only fair since the numbers come from the same source.

showtimefolks1445d ago

good job MS and start of a come back, but you will get really comfortable in that 2nd spot like sony did last gen. Not hating simply stating something that is as close to a fact as we can get

IN november xbox one outsells ps4 but in world wide ps4 outsold it by over 300k, so even in the best month of xbox one, ps4 outsold it. and MS can't do much more, they are basically giving away the console at a huge loss in hopes of making the money back with software

and no there is nothing you can say to prove xbox one isn't selling at a loss, it was barely making any money at $499 so i seriously doubt its making money selling at $349 considering retailers also get their cut

and i find it amazing that when VGChartz say ps4 outsold xbox one than its well this site is run by fanboys(who BTW are xbox fanboys for getting banned from neogaf)

so chill out enjoy your console and i will be getting a xbox one soon too. There is nothing wrong with the system. Its the Crappy MS policies and teir attitude towards consumers that cost them a great generation of competition

and look at it this way if for few more months xbox one continues to sell like this than i don't see any problem with sony dropping he price to $349

in a way MS are just stuck with 2nd place, unless they are willing to sell the console at like $299 than i don't see how selling more in USA yet still getting outsold world wide makes any difference

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lifeisgamesok1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

10 million in a year is incredible no matter how you look at it

2015 is looking very promising as well

@Kayant what are you talking about?? I'm sure if this said the PS4 just reached 25 million you wouldn't even question it hater

That picture for this article is hilarious lol

Kayant1446d ago

Wat??? Loool. You know this is LTD(lifetime sales to date) right...

YodaCracker1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

The Xbox One has been out 1 year and 1 month. So yes, basically 10 million in 1 year.

Stiffler1446d ago

You know that xbox lifetime sales is 1 year and one month, RIGHT?

So many intelligent people around here, lets count to potato!

Troll on buddy

Kayant1446d ago


Actually forgot it's only been a year already *embarrassed*... Sorry lifeisgamesok.


Actually I would have given that's impossible because 10 was announced some months ago and the holiday season wouldn't have resulted in such an increase.

No_Limit1446d ago

[email protected], stop being so defensive and take a chill pill. All lifeisgamesok said was saying congrat to 10 million sold from MS in 2014, which is well ahead of PS3 and X360 in the same time frame and he did not compare the sales figure with your system of choice, the PS4.

Last I check, this is an article about XB1 sales and why are you constantly debating with xbox fans here when they are trying to post some of their viewpoint on the system they love just like every PS fans commenting and hifiving each other on those same PS4 winning the weekly global vgchartz in which I have seen you there a few times myself and celebrating with them. Hypocrite much?

SilentNegotiator1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

One year COMBINED with a holiday period is NOT "basically" 1 year.

Kayant1445d ago


Do you know what defensive means??? Because clearly you don't someone admitting they were wrong is not a sign of defensive.

"Last I check, this is an article about XB1 sales and why are you constantly debating with xbox fans here when they are trying to post some of their viewpoint on the system they love just like every PS fans commenting and hifiving each other on those same PS4 winning the weekly global vgchartz in which I have seen you there a few times myself and celebrating with them. Hypocrite much?" - So what exactly? Is there some law saying I can't comment on XB1 Vgchartz sales because I just commented on PS4 ones? As last time I checked this is the internet where am free to comment on what I want.
OK?? Do you see my celebrating in the last vgchartz topic? What is there to celebrate in guesstimations exactly? if you looked at my comment I was pointing out facts which are easily proven.

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LightDiego1446d ago ShowReplies(1)
blackout1445d ago

The X1 is selling just like the 360. Ps3 was down from the start of about 10m first year. From the ps2, 180m sold you would have thought it would have taken less time for Sony to catch Microsoft last gen (6 years). The difference is one company knows how to turn things around really fast. While the other can't even turn a profit. Congrats to MICROSOFT.

madmonkey011445d ago

not sure what you just said? were you pointing out that xbox 360 was outsold by both competitors last gen despite having good sales overall. this gen so far it has been outsold by ps4 but 10million is still good going

Applejack1446d ago

I'm sure if this is to be believed, Microsoft would have announced this as a milestone. Same goes to Sony and Nintendo.

YodaCracker1446d ago

They already announced 10 million sold to retailers back in early November:

CaptainObvious8781446d ago

Incorrect, they announced CLOSE to 10 million retail. There's a big difference.

"Close to" could mean anything.

CaptainObvious8781446d ago

I don't think they would. MS ego is very fragile and they HATE losing. Considering Sony announced 10 million all the way back at E3, I would be extremely surprised if MS announced this milestone.

Applejack1446d ago

I guess that's a good point but even so, since both companies are known to announce sales figures, something has to give.

badz1491446d ago

I think Sony announced 10 mil at Gamescom, not E3, right?

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CervantesPR11446d ago

congrats to microsoft, they finally flipped-floped and 180'd enough
and it paid off

Stiffler1446d ago

That was original. "Herpa derp 180". Then if they don't listen to consumers it's "herpaderp MS only care about $$$, M$ don't listen!!!"

Either way they just can't win with you fanboys. Pathetic, the lot of you.

It's great to be a true gamer where I don't have to choose. Enjoy your single console.

Xb1ps41446d ago

So true...

Couldn't of said it better..

Children usually don't know what they really want lol..

Svinya1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Much like MS gets slammed for not supporting the 360, yet the second they do (Forza Horizon 2), people cry about them holding back next gen gaming and say there's no point in buying an X1.