Two Unannounced PS4 Games in the Works at Nippon Ichi; Fully Moved to PS4 for Home Consoles

Just yesterday, Nippon Ichi Software President Souhei Niikawa mentioned that the studio has multiple titles in the works for PS4 and PS Vita, and today he gave more precise information during a livesteram on Nico Nico.

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Rimeskeem1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Stop with the new games!

My wallet is dying.

Have a become a troll on this site?

Abriael1083d ago

You don't pay for news :P

Skate-AK1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

He might pay for data to read said news :p

showtimefolks1083d ago

awesome ps4 just gaining momentum and it will be very interesting to know where ps4 stands at december 31st 2014. I think it will be very close to 20 million which will be a huge achievement

MasterCornholio1083d ago

Sounds like the PS4 will be the home for JRPGs.

Well done Sony.


CocoWolfie1083d ago

i like how theres always news like this :') its good to see, yeno.

HaveAsandwich1083d ago

wont be able to play, because psn will be down.

averagejoe261083d ago

You only need psn for online games.

dcj05241083d ago

Sometimes. Other times your locked out and need to verify your license but can't because PSN is down so you can't play the games you bought for 3 days.

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