Sony Trademarks the PS4’s Background Flow Graphics… No, Really

At times console manufacturers and game publishers trademark some strange stuff. This is one of those times, as what Sony filed to register with the Japanese Patent and Trademark Office isn’t really a mark or a brand, but the PS4’s background graphics of the standard “Flow” theme.

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AutoCad1451d ago people use the flow?
i mean ever since the themes came out i havent gone back..

PeaSFor1451d ago

i alternate between the rectangular, 20th ann. and the flow theme(gray)

Clown_Syndr0me1451d ago

Flow is the only one that looks good to me. Haven't tried premium themes and have no intention to.
Was going to look on the store see if any I haven't tried yet but PSN still down, day 4 for me.

AutoCad1451d ago

i feel you man,i cant even access my save data from the cloud to play MLB the show on my vita at work.
But hey im a proud owner of a second console which i cant speak of here,so its all cool lol

Clown_Syndr0me1451d ago

@Autocad Yeah luckily I'm playing Far cry and dragon Age at the moment which are both primarily offline so it's not the very end of the I also own another console which thankfully works - more than I can say for Christmas day though!!

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Yeah same here except for the 20th anniversary theme. Once 2014 is over I'll probably be going back to the flow the grayish color.

OB1Biker1451d ago

I like the COD one is really cool even though I dont play that game :)
OT I think it makes sense since its the standard PS4 background

badz1491451d ago


might sound strange but the flow theme is quite popular even outside of the PS ecosystem. I know it's quite popular among the Android custom theme users too.

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Ozmoses1451d ago

yeah sometimes the additional menu noises from the other themes can be annoying. especially late at night if you live with other people.

some also appear to be super bright at least to me anyway.

I stick with the 20th Anniversary one usually, but a dull flow background like the gray is a good choice because it doesn't strain your eyes like the brighter colors.

UKmilitia1451d ago

i find some of the custom ones have a high contrast round text.
i love the flow (dark blue) but i have the LBP one now and its great,i miss the ps3 one with hte globe though

GameSpawn1451d ago

I'm using the 20th Anniversary, but I also like the Destiny one for its music. The only problem I have with the Destiny background is sometimes text gets into areas of the background that make it difficult to read.

It'll be awesome when Sony releases a kit to allow us to make our own themes like they did with the PS3 (hopefully dynamic ones without having to wait for someone to reverse engineer one).

zero_gamer1451d ago

I really like the yellow flow theme and that's what I am using.

SaffronCurse1451d ago

Red Flow is the best for me. Easy to read everything.

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4theplayers1451d ago

Sony is god, PS4 is life.

The cry is free

PeaSFor1451d ago

dat low quality stealth troll.

GribbleGrunger1451d ago

What this tells me is that Sony intend to use that flow in all of their applications, including those that are not on a PS platform.

OpenGL1451d ago

They already do on the Sony Xperia Z3.

ahmedghoula1451d ago

A Random but somehow on topic question comes to mind..
remember that Windows XP background.. is it trademarked by Microsoft?

frostypants1451d ago

There's nothing weird about this. No, really.

MRMagoo1231451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I dont find it weird either, cadbury trade marked the purple they use for their chocolate wrappers.

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