Top Five: Censored Games

With the immense popularity and controversy over the cancellation of Sony’s formerly upcoming comedy The Interview, censorship is a huge topic and in the spirit of said news Relevant Gaming decided why not do what journalist do best, and create a list for your amusement

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DemonSlayer4201420d ago

Manhunt 2 was also censored to the point the executions were obscured by a filter. There was a code that did remove them I believe. Censorship in gaming is stupid when the cinema genre is filled with everything from extreme violence to extreme vulgarity to extreme sexual content. Gaming should be treated the exact same was as any other form of entertainment.

Linkz9731420d ago

It was primarily the wii version tho mostly because of the motion controls which some were pretty badass. I brought the game stricly just to play it with the motion controls which made it so much better lolololol

bigtrucknd1420d ago

I love in Australia they won't show what's happening but have no problem explaining it. A crying koala makes it all better?