Always Been There – Honoring Gaming’s Transgender Roots

As the video game industry continues to grow, more transgender developers are working in gaming than ever before. However, many gamers and industry workers alike forget the industry’s pioneering transgender developers, who helped build the industry across the 1970s onwards. As 2014 comes to a close, we discuss the “gamer” identity, and explore the legacy of two prominent transgender women developers who vastly influenced the industry.

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SaveFerris1423d ago

Interesting article. I remember playing Gorf on the Atari. Never knew anything about the creator though.

strangeaeon1423d ago

Why on earth does this matter?

mixelon1423d ago

Why does anything matter?

Why do you matter?

Somebody1423d ago

I'm sure when the transgender developers in the article started making games it's because he/she was interested in the new emerging industry. I'm sure the last thing in his/her mind would be "Gee, there sure are so few transgender people in this new gaming market so I think I should represent them!"

If a person, male or female or in between, is interested to get into game development, just do it. Gamers will judge them by their games, not by what the devs have between their legs.

Ironically articles like these would only add more suspicions from gamers because of the blatant agenda it's trying to push, especially in the current climate between gamers and the gaming media that suddenly acquired some sense of activism. Instead of helping their cause they are pushing gamers even farther away. Remember, gamers didn't start this 'war'.

DasTier1423d ago

Guess it must be the slowest news day of the year.

Mike_D821422d ago

Who cares about this gay sh**