Best Video Game Graphics of 2014

One of the most controversial years in the games industry is now coming to an end, but which game had the best graphics?

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ps4fanboy1425d ago

Not until DC has a game given the uncanny appearance of reality so well IMO.

sorane1425d ago

Well that's easy it's either Ryse PC or Unity PC. I haven't seen anything close to those two games this year.

JackBNimble1425d ago

Then you're not looking all that hard.

tee_bag2421425d ago

I think you need to look at those screen shots Sorane linked to.

Bobby Kotex1425d ago

This isn't about best graphics, it's about what console you're d-riding. The comment section is truly pathetic.

BallsEye1424d ago

Don't try to talk sense on n4g. It has to be ps4 explusive to have best graphics or GTFO. I've learned it hard way. Even Ryse on XO looks better than any of the games listed there and whoever says it runs 15 fps is a tard. Runs smoother than most 30 fps games due to good post processing. Mind blowing game when it comes to graphics. No YT videos do the game justice.

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theFAYEsorceress1425d ago

you wouldn't admit it if someone showed you better graphics anyways. besides, graphics are heavily based on stylization, so "better" graphics is opinion unless it's a direct port of the same game to another platform.

Septic1425d ago

Ryse came out in 2013 though.

combatcash1425d ago

I actually agree with you, actually seeing unity on pc on full settings is very impressive, it's not wonder the consoles had a difficult time running it smoothly. The game is simply stunning. I just won an xbox one unity bundle at work, I played the game briefly and there's a lot of detail and many things happening on screen. Either way I don't why they didn't include Ryse for pc or xbox one, that game is beautiful.

lemoncake1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Pc is leading the way even at the start of this gen and is only going to push further away, ryse and unity on a good spec pc just blows everything that the consoles can do out of the water in terms of graphics. I am really considering getting a good pc for the lounge area this gen.

Bigpappy1425d ago

You can't win this on N4G. You should know this.

Drive club is the best looking game ever made and until the next PS4 game that the developer promise to be a graphical show piece. /s

The problem with drive club was never it's graphics though. I was reviewed poorly due to lack of content, bad Ai and uneventful and soulless driving maps. That's it in a not shell. Many here like to pretend that it was reviewed badly only because online didn't work. When in fact the game is lacking in many area outside of graphics according to the reviews.

Giantbomb821424d ago

Well said sir. Stop making so much sense. It just doesn't fly around here. "Next Gen started with Drive Club" "No it really started with Infamous" scroll down these are actual comments that are agreed upon. This site is hilarious. "The Order" will be the next graphical showcase that's completely empty, soulless, and lacking content that all the Sony fan boys will jerk off too. Playstation is pathetic. Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 have actual good game play and depth. What a concept!!!

windblowsagain1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Never knew they were maps. Always thought of them as tracks. My bad/s.

As far as graphics. Driveclub pushes the PS4, huge vista's, volumetric clouds/rain/snow/. The game is actually quite hard in highend cars. The reviews did not do this game justice.

While on the subject of graphics. I think it really depends on where the game/engine is being pushed.

ATM I'm playing on different days of course.


I've played through Ryse on PC and i'd expect no less of good graphics from crytek and a well established engine.

Each one of those games I've mentioned has excellent graphics.

Dragon age looks like it's using an updated version of the frostbite engine. Also love the lighting.

TheXgamerLive1424d ago

Agreed in fact Ryse Xb1 still holds supreme on consoles except for AC Unity XB1. It looks a bit better with those incredible environments.
Halo MCC is damned beautiful too but doesn't match the titles mentioned.

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WeAreLegion1425d ago

Definitely a gorgeous game and one of the best art styles out there, but best looking? It's not even the best looking on the Wii U. I'd give that to Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros. Wii U.