Worst Game of 2014

2014 saw some good games, but we still had to endure a few stinkers.

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Rimgal1448d ago

Sonic Boom must really suck. In a year where games like Duck Dynasty, Rambo the game and Dungeon Keeper Mobile were released, and Sonic won for the worst of them all. That speaks volumes.

Rimeskeem1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Have you seen gameplay videos?

The game is broken.

UKmilitia1448d ago

that rambo game amazed me.
i cant believe they actual reached the point they was happy with it and wanted to release it.

the picture shows unity ,but i picked it up after the 6.5gb patch and apart from a couple of tiny glitches like pop in textures in heavy scenes the game is awesome to play.

Geekman1448d ago

What's with all the "Worst game" articles lately? The end of the year is supposed to reflect on what you liked about it, not what you didn't like. It's making this site way too negative.

Ark_1447d ago

I give you credit for your positive attidtude. But for me personally, it speaks volumes, that I had the most fun with couchcoop on the WiiU and my PC backlog.
I think some people might feel, that last year wasn't an awesome year of gaming: lots of marketing bullshit, delays and some bad dissapointments imo.

Btw honest reflection allways includes the good AND the bad. You just should drop the latter and cling to the first of course.

1448d ago
Der_Kommandant1448d ago

Unity wasn't a bad game, just a big disappointment.

MrCrimson1448d ago

I really liked sonic generations, it just wasn't long enough.

Applejack1448d ago

Generations was an amazing Sonic game but the article is referring to Sonic Boom which was not so amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.