NBA 2K15 Roster Update: Josh Smith to Houston Rockets

Today’s NBA 2K15 roster update include the signing of free-agent forward Josh Smith by the Houston Rockets, and the Phoenix Suns-Detroit Pistons trade of Anthony Tolliver for Tony Mitchell.

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NBA2KUpdates1446d ago

Good or bad move by the Pistons?

Kingdomcome2471446d ago

Josh Smith is a cancer. Good move. It would be nice if they had gotten something in return, though.

NBA2KUpdates1445d ago

J-Smoove is a decent player but he's been forced to play SF the past 2 years that's why his FG% is so low.

3-4-51446d ago

It already has Tulliver on Pistons roster as well, which happened after this.

Just bought 2k15 today and noticed this.

NBA2KUpdates1445d ago

Yep, the Suns-Pistons trade of Anthony Tolliver for Tony Mitchell have been completed.

Lucid420411445d ago

How do I update the Rosters for the PS4 ? I'm connected to the Internet but when I go to the see the rosters Rondo's still on the Celtics