LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Review (Invision Game Community)

As the ever-popular LEGO brand has grown, so has its licensed products, and since 2005 Traveller’s Tales have been developing video games based off a variety of famous universes. After many successful releases based around Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings (to name but a few), it was in 2008 where the developers delved into the Batman license.

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badz1491423d ago

I have to agree with this. I personally give it a 7/10 at the most and that's coming from a huge LEGO games fan.

sure the game mechanic is almost unchanged from any other but for a game that says "beyond" in its name, and have like 7 planets to expand the story, it feels restricted compared to #2. I'm disappointed because I expected so much more.

#2 was great and LEGO Marvel was the best yet. this is a step back IMO and I hope the next LEGO games will be better or at least as great as the Marvel one.