Entertainment Fuse’s Most Disappointing Games of 2014

Entertainment Fuse: "2014 has been quite a year for gaming. From the Xbox One and Playstation 4 having a year under their belt, indie games still rising and Nintendo’s impressive Wii U lineup, there are many highlights for gamers this year. However, some of the biggest games have missed the mark, didn’t live up their to the hype, or flat out didn’t meet our expectations."

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Eejanaika1445d ago

Destiny not living up to expectations.

bananaboats1445d ago

Destiny is the most fun game I played this year. and well worth the $90 I spent on it. So to me Destiny is far from disappointing.

Eejanaika1445d ago

Good to see some people out their liking it

Sir_Simba1445d ago

Ohhh Activition will love you, let me give you their schedule so you can prepare more money to give them.
Destiny will be annouced next year for release in 2016.they gonna add 2 raid and little planet and say the traveller has woken up or something. - Cost $90

Diesel8881445d ago

I have bought GTV, FIFA 15, Dragon Age, Advanced Warefare, Far Cry 4, Smash bros Wii U, Halo collection(Xbox one), and last but not least Destiny. I bought all digital. Guess how much time I have spent playing all games besides Destiny. Total around 6 hours. Guess how much I have been playing Destiny...enough where I don't have time to play anything else. Anyone who says crap about Destiny has not played the raid with friends. Its the uniquest thing to play all of 2014. Don't get me wrong I love all the games I purchased, but Destiny has taken most of my time. So I would say, personally its far from disappointing.

xx4xx1445d ago

Most disappointing thing about comment = uniquest.

Most unique. There. Fixed that for ya.

objdadon1444d ago

I feel ya, I got over 350 hours in destiny and have new games still in the plastic. It's addictive as hell!