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Nick Horry of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Has Frontier Developments delivered what they promised to eager fans that have been waiting over two decades for their dream space sim? I believe so, however, even though the game is now in ‘full release’, I do believe it still has a fair way to go before it can crown itself as the “dream space sim” everyone was hoping for."

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TenBensons1388d ago

Great review of a great game.

mixelon1387d ago

The only problem I've had with elite is when the missions are sometimes incredibly oblique and you're sat there thinking. "Ok I have an hour to find X, but absolutely no clue how to do that" - and end up having to google it, or find yourself flying around the target sector targetting everything getting frustrated. XD

It could do with tooltips in the mission briefing probably.

Phoenix761387d ago

Have the game downloaded onto my system, but got kids other games for Xmas. Cant wait to finally get round to playing it with free time on my hands lol

bumnut1386d ago

Is this any good? Metacritic reviews are not great.

Is it as good as X3?