GameSpy Review: Hellboy: The Science of Evil (2/5)

Reviewed by Gabe Graziani, he writes:

"General opinion would indicate that Hellboy is a pretty cool character, what with one feature film under his belt and another on its way (not to mention the scads of comics from which he originated). You've already had plenty of opportunities to familiarize yourself with this sardonic take on what happens when ancient fables and folklore clash with contemporary (albeit occult) weaponry. So, with so many different ways to get your Hellboy fix, it's difficult to justify slogging through what is predominantly a stripped-down God of War rip-off with substandard graphics for a handful of clever lines delivered by Ron Perlman."

Ron Perlman's great voice acting; accurate depiction of sarcastic Hellboy humor.

Boring combat gets old quick; story goes nowhere; co-op play adds little appeal.

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