Majora’s Mask Should Terrify You, and This is Why

ZD: "It doesn’t take much effort to find horror stories inspired by “Majora’s Mask” online. We might think the reason obvious: “Majora” is arguably the darkest title in the Zelda canon thus far. It takes place in an inexplicable parallel world; the apocalypse is constantly occurring; and the moon has an enormous, menacing face. We can easily write off the disturbing undercurrent of “Majora” as a result of aesthetics such as these, but in this article, I want to offer an argument that the horror which pervades the game is more subtle and existential than that interpretation. I submit that the ultimate reason “Majora” continues to terrify us is that, as much as we want there to exist an evil for us to conquer, there ultimately exists no evil in the game."

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