If FW 2.4 installed correctly, no need to worry.

Jeff Rubenstein replied on July 2, 2008 at 4:41 pm to the following blog post :

"so what about people who already have 2.40 installed?"

Jeff's responce :

"We've received no reports of hardware issues following a successful install."

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TheHater3734d ago

That all BS. mine install correctly, and that when the problem happen. But now I have a new HDD and it works perfect. It even run a lot faster because of the RPM on my new hDD

resistance1003734d ago

In otherwords yours didn't install correctly, thats why you had the problems.

Dark_Overlord3734d ago

and had the PS3 crash once and the sound disappear once other than that no probs

Hagaf223734d ago

yeah i downloaded my successfully and with out a hitch i got a crash when i used the in game xmb to quit a game and go to the store...

my question is what about those of us who have 2.40, when they fix it will it be 2.41 so that we get the fixes or will it just be re-released as 2.40 and we will have to find a way to get the fixes?

Polluted3734d ago

@the hater. I heard you shouldn't change the RPM when you upgrade your hard drive. You say it's working better at 7200rpm?

NO_PUDding3734d ago

A lot of this is FUD spread by Kotaku, and the 360 fanboys latchign on to it according to NeoGAF.

MikeGdaGod3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

yeah i installed it fully and everythings fine.

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dantesparda3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Gamepro and a couple other game sites did benchmarks a while back on the effects of HDD speeds on the PS3 and found that a 7200RPM HDD barely makes a difference, a second faster here and there, but that's it, not much improvement.

And the 2.40 has worked fine on the 4 different peoples PS3 that I've asked. And they all downloaded their updates during the 1st hour of release and they all said that it downloaded quickly. Yet the 360 on the other hand, I am on my 4th, and everybody else I know is at least on their 2nd or higher, and mad people on my friends list have had their 360s RROD (probably at least 60 sixty people or more). And I've seen a few of these guys lose their 360 on firmware updates. Yet i have yet to see one PS3 mess up yet. So i dont know.

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crimsonfox3734d ago

on this site even have these problems???

resistance1003734d ago

It happened to one person out of about 50+ Ps3 owners on another forum i post on, still he rung sony and he will get a new Ps3 from them tomorow or Friday. So he can't moan about the customer service

legendkilla3734d ago

works great for me! COD4 online was fine.. not really sure what this "problem " is...

thomas05063734d ago

im so glad mine was fine installing

name3734d ago

Mine works fine. Which is a shocker since I have the worst luck in the world for these kind of things.

uckitsayitchbay3733d ago

I have the same problem if something can go wrong even if it happens to .0001% of people itll happen to me... Example the birth control shot supposed to be what 99% effective well guess who that lucky 1% is... not complaining in the slightest i love my daughter all im saying is i have the worst luck on these type things to

aftrdark213734d ago

And mine works fine 120GB(20GB model). Although I had to download the firmware from the web and install it via usb drive. It kept hanging up when I tried to download it from my PS3.

Old Snake3734d ago

I downloaded it on usb, but I can't get it to download on my PS3. How do you do it? I downloaded it on a usb drive, plugged it into the PS3, then went to update system and clicked "via media outlet" or whatever it says, but it says that nothing is there.

Polluted3734d ago

You'l have to double check on google, but I suspect it needs to be in a PS3 folder or something.

akaFullMetal3734d ago

needs to be in a ps3 folder, and inside the ps3 folder you need UPDATE folder. Then you should be all set for your ps3 to find it when you upgrade it.

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