The problem with survival games

Have you ever seen Survivorman ? It's a documentary series about a guy called Les Stroud who spends a week in the world's most inhospitable places—deserts, rainforests, tundras—and survives with only the clothes on his back. Fakers like Bear Grylls have doctors on hand, camera crews, and cosy hotels to return to after filming, but Stroud does it all for real— and films everything himself. It's really good TV, and PC Gamer promises that after you watch the first episode you'll be hooked.
Anyway, what Survivorman shows us is that nature is terrifying, and doesn't care whether you live or die. These great, lonely expanses, whether it's the dense jungles of the Amazon or the icy plains of Alaska, are cruel, merciless places. Stroud is a seasoned survival expert, and even he struggles to find food or keep warm sometimes. Imagine if you were out there. You wouldn't last a day.
So why do survival games always have enemies in them?

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