UGO: Guitar Hero Aerosmith Review

UGO writes: "Oh no they didn't! Neversoft's Guitar Hero: Aerosmith doesn't just flub a few notes here and there; it instead stumbles onto the stage four hours late and proceeds to deliver a too-short, half-assed performance which definitely isn't worth the price of admission. As if the world needed any further indication that the Guitar Hero franchise is suffering from a serious case of Rock Band envy, the very last song you unlock in the game is "Train Kept A-Rollin'." Come on guys... really? I mean...really

Getting the Band Back Together in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Loading up Guitar Hero: Aersomith for the first time, players are greeted by a control tutorial screen which is headlined with the pun "Rock This Way." Once the groaning ceases and you continue onwards, the standard Guitar Hero elements are instantly apparent. A stylized menu greets players with several familiar options: Career, Quickplay, Multiplayer, Training and so on. Nothing new here, but an expansion pack really shouldn't stray far from its source, in this case Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. All of the usual gameplay modes, online and off, are present and accounted for.

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