5 Most Anticipated Game Releases of January 2015

"The welcome conclusion to yet another hectic holiday season always provides gamers with a sense of relief as they slowly begin to regain their sanity and, more importantly, divert their attention back to the virtual realm of video games. With no more hair-pulling gift searching, frustrating seasonal decorating, or boring family get-togethers to waste away precious game time, January’s fresh batch of potentially entertaining releases finally have a chance to be appreciated in their own right. From long-awaited HD remasters to brand-new intellectual properties, I’ve composed an informative list of my own anticipated games arriving in early 2015 for you, our loyal readers, to dive into and enjoy. Hopefully, you’ll discover an exceptional experience worthy of your time as the dreadful winter season further transforms our surroundings into cold, snow-engulfed wastelands."

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supes_241423d ago

So, another words, I don't have to spend any money in January except for purchasing RE:HD.

Whatsupdog1419d ago

Dying Light has me interested: parkour action survival elements in an open-world filled with zombies? Yes pls!!