An Assortment Of Lesser-Known No Man's Sky Facts

Gameinformer writes:"As we near the end of our month of No Man's Sky coverage, it's time to focus on the smaller details. This game is huge and has many elements that inspire questions about space, gameplay, science, and more. Read on for excerpts from our extensive interviews with Hello Games' managing director Sean Murray about things you may be curious about, but never got a straight answer on."

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crashbash1445d ago

'Are There Gas Giants?
You are always able to walk around a planet. There are ones that aesthetically look gaseous. They are actually what toxic planets kind of are. But there's no point in a planet that you can't land your ship on. And we felt like it would be frustrating for the players to see this planet because you and I would know what gaseous planets are but then everyone else might not. And they would be like, “Oh, I get out and fall?” It's just a weird concept for people, but I still wanted to have something in there.'

This game is looking worse and worse. No gas giants. Because everyone on the planet doesn't know they're there.

That's a really believable universe. /s

This game isn't a proper space game, it doesn't adhere to any rules that space has.

'But you can land on a planet! And walk around and stuff!'

christian hour1445d ago

They experimented with a more realistic universe in the early days, they had planets millionss of miles to light years apart, gas giants etc but as their lead artist pointed out, in all those great sci fi artworks from the 70s you'd see other planets in the sky not too far off, and this is what they wanted to recreate, the look and feel of all that beautiful sci fi artwork while trying to also give a realistic universe to explore, so they met in the middle, brought planets a little closer together etc.

The left out the best lesser known No Mans Sky fact anyway... 65daysofstatic are doing the music :D

Rimeskeem1445d ago

If you don't like it don't buy it.

DigitalRaptor1444d ago

It's not based completely on our universe, which is why there are lots of strange visuals and forms of life. It's based on the bizarre sci-fi imagery that Sean grew up being inspired by. The stuff that artists drew before we even knew everything we know now about our universe. The stuff that our imagination drew up when watching, or reading, or experiencing some of the greatest sci-fi fiction out there.

The sooner you understand that, the sooner you will understand what this game is looking to achieve artistically and in terms of gameplay.

DougLord1445d ago

Are they trying to make this as bad as possible? No NPCs and no real multiplayer. So there is no intelligent life to interact with, just stupid animals. Great so is like Big Game Hunter 2770 where the rhino you are hunting has the head of a mouse.

They even go out of their way to say that they took out ship summoning because people found it to be really cool and used it all the time, and they don't want that.

They shouldn't be so worried about Mods. Not enough people will find this game good enough to bother.

Good to know they fit all the textures in 2.5 megs.

oasdada1445d ago

hey enuff saltiness.. dont say something ud regret.. u know this will eventually come to xb1 rii?

Haki11121445d ago

if it does come to XB1 then it does the game is still just landing on planets and walking around from what we seen so far lol im still interested in playing it though.

christian hour1445d ago

"no real multiplayer. "

What are you talking about? There is multiplayer and it sounds amazing. Like Journey, but on a galactic scale.

christian hour1445d ago


"The first time you see waht you look like, is when you run across another player"

How is that not multiplayer?

DigitalRaptor1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

DougLord isn't the kind of gamer that would enjoy or appreciate Journey, though.

He's what is known in some circles as the "dudebro".

No Man's Sky and The Order: 1886 are his personal hate projects.

Ozmoses1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

you obviously don't understand the ideology behind the game...

it is EXPLORATION.... and there is multiplayer in a subtle form...

just because tons of companies stick to the same formulas for their games doesn't mean all companies should...

it's called branching out, taking a gamble, trying something new, being different, being unique, taking a risk.....

if you'd sit and actually read some information about the developers and their intentions for this game then you would realize what it's about.. (I suggest the newest Game Informer because they have a pretty lengthy write-up on No Man's Sky)

You have to go into the mindset of exploring... I mean it's pretty straight forward... It's like when you play skyrim or dragonage or GTA and get nothing accomplished because you're just exploring and uncovering new stuff... that's all this game is.... EXPLORING and UNCOVERING NEW STUFF....

the first person that goes to a planet is the one that discovers it... If someone happens to stumble across that planet it will say the name of the person that discovered it...

I don't understand the common gripes that people are trying to claim they have with this game... Everything about this game breathes freshness into a past time that has become full of redudant shooters and tropes...

And that's not even mentioning the way the developers are approaching the development of the game... that in it's own right is pretty revolutionary... and many other game developers are looking at these guys and saying how the hell are they doing this.

christian hour1445d ago

Why do you only have two bubbles?

Illusive_Man1445d ago

No Mans Sky is shaping up to be the best music visualization ever created.

Haki11121445d ago

Lol It look good running in the background of that band on PSX lol

christian hour1445d ago

"That Band" are 65daysofstatic, amazing instrumental band, I catch em every time they hit up dublin. The fact they're doing the soundtrack to this game, and that it's gonna be turned into billions of hours of procedurally generated music should be making headlines.

As a musician this just blows my tiny little mind. I didn't think I could be any more excited for this game, and 65days are the perfect match, their a math rock band, all their stuff is based around algorithms and what not. Check em out if you have a broad taste.

RobbKroy1445d ago

So I'm getting the vine that this is Journey's style of discovery with Flower's fun factor of flying around. Am I alone? I feel a lot of the backlash is believing this is going to be anything like Destiny or any other similar source theme games we are all accustomed to lately.