A Look At No Man’s Sky’s Creature Features

Gameinformer writes:"During our month of No Man’s Sky coverage, we’ve been focusing our attention on the game’s unfathomably large scale. We haven’t spent much time talking about the various creatures that players will be seeing while planetside. Like the worlds they inhabit, each species has been procedurally generated. We talked with Hello Games’ art team to learn about how they’re populating the galaxy with a massive menagerie of unique animals."

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Immorals1452d ago

Unless this game has a goal or at least something to keep you on track apart from 'exploring', then this game has lost all interest from me. It'll be like titanfall, fun for a few weeks.. Then forgotten.

Stapleface1452d ago

Depending on the price that's fine with me. Say it's $30. How many other activities can you pay $30 and get weeks of entertainment from? Of course, if this is even the case (it getting boring fast). However, if I pay that $30, and it's boring after hour 3, then I'd be disappointed.

Immorals1452d ago

Minecraft came to mind instantly. Peggle has literally weeks of playtime for me.

AliTheSnake11452d ago

Minecraft is not really exploring, It's about building and crafting. When I play solo i get bored within 10 minutes. With Friends its endless amount of fun.

Crazay1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Just based on what I see this game already holds little to no interest for me. What I don't quite understand is why so many people have popped their tops over something that has by and large, shown so little.

hardcorehippiez1452d ago

hmmm ok then i thought everyone knew now that it is a race to find the center of the universe. maybe im wrong but that seems like an objective / goal to me

Tsar4ever011452d ago

Just wish they try a little harder in trying to design more bizarre alien species than dinosaurs and altered renditions of real-life creatures, their aliens so far just don't look alien enough for my taste.

They should watch some episodes of SPACE DANDY and other anime syfy movies for more inspiration, those Japanese animators create some really bad-ass alien life-forms.

Overwhelming1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

You're being generous. If the game is only about traveling from planet to planet to see what their random generator comes up to, then I'll be bored after a couple hours.

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gamerfan09091452d ago

This game keeps digging its grave. They keep showing the exploration aspect of the game and intentionally keep the gameplay and the story out of their previews. To code an entire game that codes itself to make new worlds you have to dedicate a crap ton of time to that. I would not be shocked to see the missions being the same mission over and over again and the story having zero lore.

WeAreLegion1452d ago

If you don't like exploration, that's fine. Just don't comment on the game, if that's the case.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1452d ago

It's an exploration game period. Why are people having trouble with this?. This isn't a game where you just go around and blow a bunch of shit up or do fetch quests. It's all about exploration and discovery in an infinite universe. This is for people who want to discover something new and interesting at every turn on their adventure. The main objective besides exploration is to get to the center of the unverse. The most annoying thing about coming to the comments section on No Man's Sky articles is the "but what do you DO in the game" comments. Sean has made this crystal clear what you do in this gaem go look it up. Click on this article and go to the No Man's Sky Hub and click on all the Game Informer articles until you finally understand what this game is and not ask about it for the billionth time.

GribbleGrunger1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Isn't it wonderful though that the dudebro crowd won't buy this. They get to shoot each other, die, respawn, shoot each other again, die, respawn ... And we get to travel the universe.

What are you planning on being? A hunter, explorer or collector? I'm going to lean towards explorer probably because I don't really want to be chased by those guardian robots and I certainly don't want to be hunted down by the police when I want to bargain for upgrades on space stations. I have to be honest though, I reckon I might enter some of the darker caverns and hunt some of the more viscous creatures there.

I will be wanting to find out what's at the centre of the universe though. Maybe not straight away but I think I might have an idea what's there and I'm dying to find out if I'm right. Baring in mind that the whole universe is procedurally generated with mathematical equations, I'm betting that a super computer is at the heart of the universe and that central computer is called God.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

@GribbleGrunger: Haha you said it man. That is a wonder thing indeed.

Edit: I am definitely leaning towards the explorer type. I love the idea of discovering alien worlds and exoloring them and and finding new forms of life and stuff like that. I am a huge science fiction fan who loves authors like Arthur C. Clarke, David Brinn, Peter F Hamilton and many others and the idea of taking a ship to vast amounts of different alien worlds is very exciting to me. I have dreamed of a game like this for a long time and it's amazing to know that we will get to play a game like this.

MasterCornholio1452d ago


You know what dudebros would do with a game like that?

The same thing that intergalactic space rangers did with planets with aliens on them. By that I mean blow them up. Then that would leave nothing for us explorers to find.

That's why I'm glad they are not getting this game.

uth111452d ago

It doesn't need to be a shoot-em-up, it just needs to have hooks to keep it fun.

A good example are games like Don't Starve and Minecraft. They also has procedurally generated worlds you can explore. After you've explored a few of these worlds, you kinda know what to expect in the next world. If that's all the game offered, it would get old fast. Fortunatly there's a lot of other stuff to do-- gather the resources you need, craft things, build, unlock new secrets, and defend against invaders, etc. There's always something to do. In fact there's usually more to do than you have time for, and makes these games super-addicting.

There are a few hints in the trailers than NMS might have elements like this, hopefully it does. But all they keep showing is hopping from planet to planet. I bet after a dozen or two, the planets start to feel samey and people's interest will decline, unless it really does offer more.

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Stapleface1452d ago

So exploration isn't game play? Well that's new to me. All the time I spend exploring in games, and to now find out I wasn't actually playing...

Infinity_Rasta1452d ago

Damn people are ignorant, they purposely dont talk about the lore, cause they arn't dicks who spoil the entire game before launch like nearly every other dev. This game have potentiol to be the biggest game and so far they shown no sign to doubt them. That are so much to do in the game, and they seem like they can actualy make it fun instead of mindless grinding game. I look very much forward to this game.

NovusTerminus1452d ago

I'm looking forward to it, but a combat trailer would be nice.

This game has 2 paths, it's going to be huge, or its going to fall under the hype.

assassin2k1452d ago

People play GTA to just run around and discover and.mess about. I know this is a different sort of game but I really like the discovery thing. An almost unlimited number of alien planets and so many possibilities. For me at least I think there will be lots of moments where I feel that same sense of childlike amazement when I first saw the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

DougLord1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

This is going to be like Starbound, except you can't build anything. You go from planet to planet scrapping together resources so you can get to the center of the galaxy. It better be priced like Starbound - $1.99.

To animals look ridiculous. Clearly they have modeled a few dozen animal heads and bodies etc and they just randomly cram them togeather. This is how you end up with that hippo with a mouse head. Yeah 20 different heads, 20 different bodies, 20 different legs. 20 different tails. All of a sudden 160,000 UNIQUE animals.

And the combat will probably make Spore look deep.

DigitalRaptor1451d ago

Did Sean Murray insult your mother on Twitter?

The vitriol you have for this game just holds no validity.

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