Man buys a 'heavy' PlayStation 4 bundle from Denver Walmart and opens it to find only bags of rocks

Igor Baksht planned to give his 13-year-old niece a PlayStation 4 for Christmas, so he went to a Stapleton Walmart last Friday to buy one.

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nX1450d ago

Well PS4 rocks, doesn't it Mr. Baksht?

Glad that he got a replacement, for the future you shouldn't buy "previously returned" things though.

Bansai1450d ago

"previously returned" huh ... probably that person switched contents of the box and noone at walmart bothered to check it - classic play, very common and still effective due to some worker's laziness.

hay1450d ago

It's "a PlayStation 4 bybdke", those things are sometimes like that, he should get a bundle, those are usually fine.

pkb791450d ago

@Bansai pay minimum wage expect minimum effort

thekhurg1450d ago


You can't tell. Walmart sells returned goods as new goods all the time. My parents bought me a cleaner for my hardwood flooring and when I opened the box yesterday all of the accessory items were missing and you could tell the device had been used and sloppily repackaged for return.

Reefskye1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I worked in retail and this happens a lot over the Xmas period where retail staff have a lot less time to check everything over, I seen fully sealed laptop boxes with just tiles inside that people have tried to return the only reason I checked inside the box was because weight distribution felt wrong for a laptop. It's not hard to make a box look sealed. I've even seen people return games with nothing inside yet they still have the plastic wrapper on. The store I worked at had to open every single item that was being returned as unopened as to many people where trying it.

Judging by a PS4 box they don't seem to have any sort of security seal on them at all which the staff should of really checked, but when your shop over run with people who think they are saving money (when in fact they are not) fighting over crappy little items they will probably never use its easy for this stuff to happen.

Dee_911450d ago

If it doesn't have a security seal or already been opened, you can open it.At least thats how target did it.

big_dom_part_21450d ago

Why are there more disagree's to this than agrees? Not that I would normally give two flying fucks, but it does indeed prove that there are "tossers everywhere" when you get disagreed on something like this. There are tossers everywhere, and thats a fact. Anyone who disagrees with me is a fucking tosser!

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NuggetsOfGod1450d ago

whats the difference? 30fps is near rock bottom for a "next gen" experience anyway.

Oschino19071450d ago

That's Nick Cannon funny!

DragonKnight1450d ago

Actively trying to lose bubbles with your constant lame "PC Mustard race" comments.

memots1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Does ... Does that count as a sale on NPd and vgchatz,,?? Cause that all we care about right .?? ... Right ?

Also did it have Driveclub bundled ? Better take that sale off cause you know bundles don't count now that Driveclub is doing good. Even tough forza been bundle since last year .....

Ashlen1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Honestly, i'd be more willing to believe this guy is trying to pull some kind of scam than he legitimately bought a PS4 box that had rocks in it.

Azzanation1450d ago

I dont see the problem, isnt that what you get when you buy a PS4


Eejanaika1450d ago

I could believe it.
walmart is a pretty bad place

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Sonyslave31451d ago

Sound fake as hell I mean I but he did that on purpose .

Thatguy-3101451d ago

believe it or not people that work at retail do sneaky things like this. Just recently my sister bought a toy crib for my niece which turned out to be 7 wireless speakers and a whole pack of flashlights.

DanteVFenris6661450d ago

You need to work at retail. Trust me no one wants to waste their time doing this if they even find the time. What this is, is probably a returned product or customers pulling prancks

SPAM-FRITTER-1231450d ago

Sounds like you got a good deal.

dkp231450d ago

It's true. Bought a game once brand new still sealed somehow and had no discs in it.

Dirtnapstor1450d ago

Yes possibly. Retailers are supposed to open and check electronics even if they're still "sealed". Before consoles are restocked, they have to shipped off to be verified that they're safe for resale.

SantistaUSA1449d ago

I work retail(customer service manager)and deal with returns every day, I've caught quite of few people doing fraud, if the product is sealed we do not open it unless something doesn't feel right. At my store people don't realize that we track virtually everything, so when you buy a big screen tv we register the s/n in your acct so when you bring the tv back stating that is defective and s/n doesn't match then I get my loss prevention team involved. This year along I helped prevent about $5,000 in loss due to scam.

awi59511450d ago

Yeah at my local walmart a employee got caught stealing over 10 thousand dollars in Dvd's thats allot of movies lol. And he traded them all in as used movies at my local Hastings lol. Both companies people are clueless. But they do give you more for used games than gamespot so i like hastings for that lol.

Canary1450d ago

Of course it's fake. Hasn't anyone else here ever picked up a box or bag or crate of rocks before? Pretty hard to mistake that for high-end electronics, no matter what the label says.

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SaveFerris1451d ago

How do you pronounce the guys last name?

Razputin1450d ago

ROFL. Oh lord how do you pronounce that correctly.

GokuSolosAll1450d ago

Time to buy PS4 and return it full of rocks and cite this article.

ravens521450d ago

This is possible. Key words "previously returned". Obviously the person who purchased it prior to him performed the ol' switcheroo. I'd be pissed especially if no one believed me, but then again as soon as I hear previously returned it's no thank you. Smh.

KingDustero1450d ago

I call bs. All electronics that are returned must have an associate from electronics open it up and verify that the serials match up. Plus anything that can store images or videos must be returned to the manufacturer.

Sitdown1450d ago

While I agree that the story is suspect, I don't believe your statement to be true. If the seal is in place, and does not appear to be tampered with, they don't break the seal and check the most they ask if anything is wrong with the product. On top of that, we know how inconsistent some Walmart employees can be.

Pogmathoin1450d ago

This was done with Ipads afew years ago. Many bought a box of baking flour neatly packed. These people are smart, repackage the box very carefully.

iceman061450d ago

While what you say is true. What you are disregarding is that it is the Christmas season. Walmart is swamped. They key for most associates is to get customers in and out, meaning that it could have happened if the associate was rushing to clear the usually long lines. I used to work at Toys R Us years ago and was close with the loss prevention manager. You would be amazed at the amount of things that are returned as part of the ol' swticharoo scam.

Soc51450d ago

Or the guy himself put the rocks in and claimed the previous customer did it. Unlikely a return will just have bags of rocks and no one notices, I can't imagine that the previous customer went in there with a bag of rocks in the box and just hoped they wouldn't look. Not a good plan. I would guess it's either an inside job or the guy himself did it.

kma2k1450d ago

Last year i bought both the xbox one & ps4 to try them both out with the intention of returning the one i didnt want, i talked to a manager at best buy about what my plan was he told me it was fine. When i went to return the xbox one the lady at returs just asked if there was anything wrong with it, i told her no & she handed me the cash back & said have a good day. Didnt open the box, it wasnt busy no one else in line. Just a lazy person i guess & this was best buy even.