Watch Dogs GOTY 2014 - Vault of the Gameverse

While Watch Dogs had plenty of issues, it's still a great game. Out of the many great games that came out in 2014, Vault of the Gameverse chooses Watch Dogs as their GOTY.

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NovusTerminus1389d ago

I enjoyed Watch_Dogs, but no. It would not be my GotY.

So far the best game I've played this year is Freedom Wars.

crazychris41241389d ago

If this is game of the year than im man of the year.

Ron661389d ago

Watch dogs is a great game but not g.o.t.y. That would be Shadow of Mordor!!

Ikki_Phoenix1389d ago

shadow of mordor is ok and thats it for way a goty
repetitive,world is ok too but nothing to explore or to be interested,all you do is killing and nothing else

i like the protagonist tho
i hope for a sequel and be better than the first one

my goty is easily dragon age inquisition the best 70bucks i ever spend this year..180 hours and still not done with the game

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