Kirby and the Rainbow Curse gets new trailer, amiibo support

Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' (what?)

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PeaSFor1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

i really like the art style, ...but that said, is it possible to have a normal kirby gameplay without the line drawing bullshit?

Metallox1423d ago


Besides, I actually liked Canvas Curse (I think it's called like that), it actually feels better than the regular Kirby game, or at least for me, of course. But the style it's what is stopping from showing more interest into this game ironically, I don't like it.

Concertoine1423d ago

Honestly i agree, kirby games are too same-y and generic for me. Thats why i liked canvas curse.

The sad thing is this game will be running in beautiful HD on your tv and you'll be pretty much forced to look at the gamepad to accurately play it. In a way it seems better fit for the 3ds than the Wii U.

3-4-51423d ago

Kirby Triple Deluxe on Wii U would be better but this still looks good....just not as.

Metallox1423d ago

Amiibo functionality is not exciting at all.

NiteX1423d ago

I'm in love with those graphics! Make a new Clay Fighter with those damn it!

captainexplosion1422d ago

Love the art style, but not the gameplay

RosweeSon1422d ago

Should be a fantastic game if it's half as good as the DS Version this is based on (sequel) but yeah it is a completely different way to play compared to the platformers, triple deluxe was pretty good and kirbys adventure was a classic, I'll never forget Nightmare in dreamland on GBA (Prob my personal fave) but canvas curse should be an another amazing game hopefully they are making a new 3DS one to go with it just need to go all out with the copy abilities. Kirbys never gonna take over the world but the guys games are pretty darn cool for the brief amount of time they normally last you (every collectable aside) still need to finish epic Yarn, maybe in the next few days ;)