The Future of the Toukiden Series Will Be Revealed in 2015

Toukiden: The Age of Demons was definitely a nice surprise for many PS Vita owners, and looks like it’s going to continue in some way, as mentioned by Producer Takashi Morinaka.

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KimikoGaming1423d ago

Toukiden: Kiwami being localized is probably the reveal.

Inception1423d ago

They already announced that. My guess is Toukiden 2.

blackblades1423d ago

Might be a Toukiden 2 for vita or ps4 version of Toukiden. I think heard something about the creator saying he wants to expand the series to consoles to.

Master-H1423d ago

My guess is some kind of Toukiden game for the PS4.

Drithe1422d ago

I loved it on the PSvita. If it comes to the PS4 ...... I will enjoy it!!