Bayonetta 2 Developers Already Working on New Game, Tease Future of Bayonetta

Bayonetta 2 has just been released to considerable praise from both fans and critics, but looks like its development team is already at work on something new, as mentioned by Producer Akiko Kuroda and confirmed by Director Yusuke Hashimoto.

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WizzroSupreme1153d ago

Isn't that new game already called 'Scalebound'?

Abriael1153d ago

That's another team. Scalebound is developed by the team led by Kamiya. The Bayonetta team, led by Hashimoto, is separate.

LightDiego1152d ago

I really want Vanquish 2, i loved the first game.

Paytaa1152d ago

@LightDiego Agreed. Vanquish was criminally underrated. One of the more refreshing third-person shooters I've played in recent memory.

DarkAstronaut1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Platinum games just announced in Dengeki PlayStation they are working on a PS4 game....

"Hashimoto Yusuke (Platinum Games)
- A new title is currently in progress

BigDuo1152d ago

That's a good point, DarkAstronaut. It does seem to indicate a PlayStation-related project.

Vandamme211152d ago

It's probably metal gear rising 2

Summons751152d ago

I hope so, that game was amazing and fun.

Segata1152d ago

Not long ago they teased Nintendo fans in a Bayonetta 2 direct they can't wait to show wii U fans the next project so maybe Nintendo got them to make something else

GokuSolosAll1152d ago

Hopefully MGR2 not Bayoonetta 3.

PeaSFor1152d ago

Bayonetta 2 bombed pretty hard on the wii u, i wonder how the hell would they even continue the series without a LOT of funding by Nintendo.

jholden32491152d ago

Almost at half a million sold at the moment.

Nothing to brag about but certainly not THAT bad as your statement implies, especially considering the fact those sales are from one platform only, and a rather small install base at that. And the fact that critically acclaimed games tend to continue selling on Nintendo platforms. I wouldn't be surprised if this game passes one million sold in due time.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1152d ago

I told all my friends who have a WiiU to buy Bayonetta 2 none them did. One of them said they just wouldn't buy it till its 20$.

wonderfulmonkeyman1152d ago

"Bombed pretty hard".
I guess you didn't hear; its first two days in the states not only outsold the first full week of the original game, it outsold the first week's sales of every multiplat that has ever hit the Wii U.

And that happened with far less in the install base to support it.

That on top of glowing recommendations almost across the board.

That's not "bombed". Only someone who wants to try and justify how salty they are that it hit the Wii U instead of other consoles would call that "bombed".

Digimortal1152d ago

Bayonetta 2 isn't a AAA title. It doesn't need to sell 2 - 3 million in order to make profit. Bayonetta 2 is a AA title if you will. Since it sold 500k so far on the Wii U. Yeah, it made both Platinum and Nintendo profit.

Benjaminkno1152d ago

You just got bombed in the face.

What game even comes close to the excitement of Bayonetta 2 on other consoles?.. Last of Us? GTA5?.. ..smh...

ABizzel11152d ago


Do you have any facts to back your claim up at all?

The average game for PS360 cost $20 million to make last-gen, Bayonetta should fall into that category and so should Bayonetta 2. Then you have to include marketing budget, which was limited so I'd guess $5m tops.

Nintendo probably makes 60% off each copy of Bayonetta sold.

$60 * 500k (copies) = $30m

Nintendo made = 18m (that doesn't cover the 25m budget)

Platinum made = 6m (that's not enough to fund their own AAA IP, so once again they'll be looking for a publisher)

The remaining 6m goes to retailers with a small portion going to Nintendo for digital sales.

So from my results, No they didn't make a profit.

ABizzel11152d ago

For the 4 disagrees, could you please post facts, scans, are any possible source to back up Digimortal's claims.....what you can't, you're just blindly disagreeing, oh okay. It helps you sleep at night living in denial land.

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benji1011152d ago

A great deal of the 20million was marketing costs.
A game costs around 5 million to make. (unless it is made by Ubisoft, who have huge teams to pay and spend more money on Marketing than making the game!)
It is even cheaper to make a game in Japan. In Japan a team is still rather small. (all of Nintendo is approximately 1500 people!)
Platinum games is a very small team. Possibly 30 core staff.
Bayonetta 2 was already a fully realized idea. All Nintendo had to do was pay completion costs.
Which was why Nintendo gave Platinum so much time compared to the time Platinum had on W101. Nintendo lost money on Wonderful 101, because everything had to be paid for.
Still, it did not cost 20 million.

The average you are stating is greatly affected by companies like Ubisoft and Activision.

Nintendo do not spend anything near the amount that these companies do to launch their products.

Dont believe me.
Here is an interesting detail.
One 30 second advertisement on Primetime TV costs close to Half a million dollars! Just to book the space.
Think about the amount of slots Ubisoft books for a game and you will see how that 20 million figure comes about.

blackblades1152d ago

Heard they were developing a game for ps4.

eyeofcore1152d ago

Different interview...

4Gamer isn't Dengeki PlayStation :P

Yusuke seems to work on another game which is Bayonetta related and Akiko Kuroda wasn't in Dengeki's interview...

Big_Game_Hunters1152d ago

That doesn't even confirm anything, that magazine was just asking japanese devlopers what they were working on lol.

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