Online Multiplayer Comes to Sega Genesis and Mega Drive via Mega Everdrive

Carl Williams writes, "The Sega Genesis received a form of online multiplayer capabilities with the release of the X-Band adapter and there was that whole Sega Channel thing (which was not multiplayer as far as I know). Now, thanks to Ukrainian hardware developer Krikzz, the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive is getting another online option, one that brings the online gaming into the 21st century (X-Band was limited to dial up speed)."

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SpiralTear1124d ago

You gotta love how retro gamers are giving these classic consoles such attention!

triverse1124d ago

I am glad they are, otherwise I wouldn't have anything to write about on RGM. lol

Seriously though, it is awesome that it is not just crap, but actual interesting new things like this online option for the Genesis.

XtraTrstrL1123d ago

Hehe @ the X-Band mention, me and a friend actually had that for a little while for Snes. We'd play MK2 on it, it was horrid, and you had to pay for the service.

triverse1123d ago

Glad I am not the only one that remembers that thing.

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