Demon Gaze Developer Experience Planning Games for Xbox One

The Xbox One may not be doing too well in Japan Experience Director Hajime Chikami, but some local developers seem not to care all that much. This seems to be the case of Demon Gaze developer Experience and its Director Hajime Chikami.

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Barnaby-Jones1422d ago

I'm glad that some Japanese devs are still gonna deliver games on the X1. I will definitely buy those titles. Excited to see Chikami's future games.

poppinslops1422d ago

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the 'Psycho Pass game.

The show's second season is getting localised quite quickly... Hopefully the game gets the same treatment.

Bigpappy1422d ago

Those interested in selling games in the U.S. will. Sony is doing better in the U.S so far, but Xbox is doing very well also. so supporting Xbox if you want to sell in the U.S is a smart move.

SaveFerris1422d ago

Without support from local developers in Japan, the Xbox One would not have been launched there at all. In order to justify being released in Japan (and other parts of Asia), it needs games.
If MS didn't pay them, then the developers would be less likely to support the console, huh?

ltachiUchiha1422d ago

I honestly dont think MS thinks japan is important only for the fact that if MS really took japan seriously they would secure exclusive games that can be major over there such as a new FF, DQ or even a game that japanese gamers enjoy. I mean we all know MS has the funds but I think they just aren't really sure or even doing that will persuade japanese gamers to make the transition or they would have done it long ago in my opinion. Its still good to see that they haven't completely given up on japan despite the poor numbers.

dcbronco1422d ago

They tried that with the 360. Didn't work. Japanese will still most likely stick to having one console. Maybe two. And for what they like, those two are almost always going to be PlayStation and whatever Nintendo puts out. Microsoft needs a killer app for One. Something in-house that they can guarantee will remain exclusive. They may need to form their own Japanese studio. Might be cheaper than what they have been doing. And more successful. Even if everything the studio produces in the beginning takes a loss in the beginning.

A studio that expands on Jade Empire and Lost Odyssey. Maybe a little Viva Piñata.

OpieWinston1422d ago

They obviously don't see it as an important market to invest as much money as they threw at it with the 360.

BUT Phil has said they needed to launch the X1 in Japan to get devs on board. So from the looks of things it's more for acquiring certain JRPGs for their worldwide lineup rather than to gain a following in Japan.

I feel Phils plan is to use the Worldwide popularity of some of the Japanese games/genres to boost up it's worldwide Hardware/Software numbers instead of having a massive focus on Japan... If so it's a lot better than sinking money into it like they did with the 360 which had a few awesome JRPGs that were region locked.

Revengeance1422d ago

Did they not hear about Chaos;Child flopping? Are they trying to gather up losses? At the very least put it on PC or a PS console if they're gonna put it on Xbone.

jznrpg1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

This is what they need for me to get into xbox, this isnt just for japanese gamers but for westerners who enjoy eastern styled games. Keep getting these developers to make games for you and my love for jrpgs will force me to buy one