Final Fantasy XIII Series Director Motomu Toriyama Will Announce His New Game in 2015

The Final Fantasy XIII series was concluded with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, but the series director Motomu Toriyama is already hard at work on his new game.

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kingdomtriggers1447d ago

They let this guy create new games, but Ito is stuck in square enix's dungeon rotting? ITO!!!!!! Where are you!!!!!

himdeel1447d ago

I dont care...wont come out till 2026 at the earliest. No I refuse to be excited.

hay1446d ago

I'm fairly paranoid this can be a second FF13 trilogy. Star Wars did it, why Square cannot? I mean, they are much sugoi, so wow, preashe be exshited, they might think they can pull it off since they love FF13 so much.

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Griever1447d ago

Lightning Re-Returns: The Search for Everyone in a New World! :p Well Toriyama is capable of doing that given his love for Lightning.

Relientk771447d ago

Lol that was good, they really need to stop with FFXIII

Ikki_Phoenix1447d ago

if it was a karting with all the characters like crash and mario then i would too

GokuSolosAll1447d ago


He wasn't fired?

chadwarden1447d ago

No. because FF13 was one of the highest selling FF games of all time. yeah truth hurts. deal with it.

-Foxtrot1447d ago

Probably because it was the next gen FF game everyone was hyped into buying

Then weeks later most of us traded it in unfinished and disappointed

Sales don't mean shit

Ikki_Phoenix1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

ofc with barely news and gameplay to show + been the first ff on new console + SE lying about gameplay it was expected...but when ppl bought it and play the game that changed everything...check ff13-2 and 3 u go

btw top 3 worst ff in the franchise. DEAL WITH IT.

AliTheSnake11447d ago

I liked it. Amazing game. Can't wait for remasters, Haven't played 2 and lighting returns. Just because it doesn't feel like a final fantasy, doesn't mean it's no good.

MRMagoo1231447d ago

Worst FF games ever made, they got sales cos no one knew how sh1t the game was till they got them home. Then promptly returned them. Any real fan of final fantasy knows ff13 was not a final fantasy game.

chadwarden1447d ago

@ ikki_phoenix

You say top 3 worst yet there are many people that still enjoyed the games because they're not some FF snobs that are stuck in the past and wanting the same type of FF over and over. DEAL WITH IT!

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