Iwata does huge interview with 4Gamer - various tidbits discussed

We don't have full translations yet, but here are some snippets from the wonderful people at NeoGAF:

-They discuss "Iwata Asks"
-design philosophies
-Iwata's favorite games
-"tricking" new gamers into playing deeper games
-market trends
-Iwata's programmer days
-old computers
-programming wizardry
-Iwata making a Star Trek game on his calculator or something
-learning stuff on the internet vs the old days (?)
-parallels between the skills required for managing a company and writing good code
-what it's like to be president
-logic-oriented thinking (programming) vs human-oriented thinking (management)
-problem solving
-user experience
-The Cloud

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GokuSolosAll1397d ago

Quit bothering trying to trick casuals into gaming. Wii U proved it won't happen. Focus on gamers.

Movies don't try to bring in non-movie watchers or books bring in non-readers. Sure, there's the equivalence of casual fim and books but that's not their whole goal. Why should gaming try to focus completely on a non-target audience?

Bring them in with good games as a side effect. No trickery.

ps4lifesucka1397d ago

The future of gaming is casual gamers, motion controls, TV integration, 3D, and Mobile gaming.... Said no one that likes gaming ever

jholden32491397d ago

It's not just casuals he refers to, it's the serious gamers who simply refuse to step outside of their skin deep comfort zone.

Nintendo gave up on the casuals already. They said as much at E3 after the repeated failure of popular Wii franchises. Why do you think we're getting a Star Fox and Majora's Mask remake? Because their focus has already shifted. Truth be told, their focus probably shifted long before that, but they still had some more casual type games in development and let them finish releasing first.

DragoonsScaleLegends1397d ago

Ok I tried to read this but the translation gave me a brain tumor.