Celebrate the Holidays with Driveclub’s Insane Winter Graphics in 24 Snowy Screenshots

The Holidays are the perfect time to sit in front a fireplace while watching out of the window as the snow falls, but if it’s not snowing where you live, there’s another way to enjoy a White Christmas thanks to Driveclub‘s recently released weather update and photo mode.

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HeMan761421d ago

Lol.It is again dualshockers,it is again a PS4 title and again there are words like "insane,awsome,glorious,m ind blowing" due to being PS4 article.

Dont you have something more than DC?

Walkingliving1421d ago


You again ?

Best looking, underrated, game ever.

Is it enough for you ?

nX1420d ago

Haters gonna hate, after the hate campaign it received Driveclub deserves every bit of praise it gets. It's not only the most photorealistic game I've seen yet but it's also a fun and downright addicting racer now that the servers can handle everything. The day the PS+ version releases will be the day the general opinion on Driveclub will shift when everybody realizes what an underrated gem this really is. Some reviewers should be ashamed of giving this game a 5 or 6 out of 10.

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No_Limit1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

"insane,awesome,glorious, mind blowing"

Sounds like the lyrics to a Dragonforce album. Maybe Dualshockers can now do a PSN+ DC article and include the term "So Far Away" in the headline and finally letting the world know they are Dragonforce and Guitar Hero fans. LOL

In all serious, the snow looks great from other picture from other sites I've seen and definitely will check it out once the PSN+ version is made available to us PS4 owners. Hopefully, it is not so far away.

jc121421d ago

I agree heman, these incessant dc graphics articles are becoming obnoxious. Sure the game has good graphics, but for the love of god, they're not mind blowingly insane.

Dualshockers needs to chill a bit. Play the game more, talk about it less.

Blaze9291421d ago

lol, i was JUST talking about this Yesterday

people think I just be making ish up, smh.

GameDev11421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Its not just for PS4 titles, look at this one for sunset overdrive

Calls the screenshots, "explosive" and "colorful"

That is just how Abriael (dualshocker writer) writes for headline catcher, why it bothers you, I simply dont know

You could just you know avoid the article

Maybe Abriael does love Driveclub

No_Limit1420d ago

Yes, Abriael catch phrases are more towards PS4 but it is not exclusive to one console like you said and provided example for as he also uses these "Awesome and Spectacular" headline for XB1 games as well but the difference here is he specifically uses sceeenshots of Driveclub well after its release dates and plot up articles with these "Outrages" headlines such as these that keep popping up like 3-4 times a day when he doesn't do it for any other games. here are just a few of his recent healines for DC:

"Driveclub: Check Out The Free Mazzanti Evantra Looking Almost Real on PS4 in 26 Screenshots"

"DriveClub Screenshots Show Unreal Graphics, One of The Best Looking Games Ever"

Driveclub PS4 Screenshots Selected by Evolution Show The Best Graphics of This Generation (So Far)"

That is what everyone is annoyed by as it literally seem like DS is working for Evolution Studios as a marketing consultant firm.

GameDev11420d ago


And my question is why does it bother these people? I still dont get it

What Abriael is doing is within reason for an article, even though Driveclub came out a while ago you have to remember weather, photomode and possible graphics AA updates just came (Evo said themselves they will continue improving Driveclub even after it launches), these are the update screenshots that are being shown, not old screenshots of the game

But back to my main point, why does it bother people??

DigitalRaptor1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

@ No_Limit

God forbid a gamer who is also a journalist should love a certain game. He does this for FFXIV too, but you don't pick up on that, cause it's not a Sony game. The only ones actually bothered by DualShockers headlines are the insecure fanboys, shills and concern trolls. Guess what that makes you, and your friends Blaze929 and Heman76?

You're on every single one of these DriveClub articles downplaying positivity about a constantly improving game, and you haven't even played the game to know if this stuff is as impactful as Abriael and others believe it to be.

masterfox1420d ago

whats your point ? there are not like lying you know, DC is insane, awesome glorious and mindblowing like it or not ;)

Revengeance1420d ago

LOL if it was an Xbox title you would be praising it like like the brainwashed M$ drone you are. We both know I'm right.

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EvilWay1421d ago

I love how the only thing you hear about this game is about how amazing the graphics are, I wonder why that is?

Muzikguy1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

I think it might be because they're really good. I don't know, I'm still waiting for the Plus version to check it out. Unfortunately the damn network keeps having issues and by the time that version gets released my sub will be up. I'm not renewing when I can't play games on my days off like I want to.

Edit: I know what you're getting at, but this is a racing game. Not too much special there

Vaneriuz1421d ago

Driveclub indeed looks AMAZING when the weather is on (and ofc looks good when it's off as well). But FH2 is by far the better racing game, it really is. And it too looks damn fine, and it being open world (great one at that) doesn't hurt.

I dunno.. I got tired of DC after two days before the patches. Now with the weather i'm enjoying it again, but it still is subpar at it's core, the driving, while still being arcadey. FH2 is also very much an arcade racer, but it's more akin to the Dirt series in feel, but better. It's just so damn fun, especially the offroad races, which are sick! You fly all over the place and across the open map. Anyone who's played some of that will surely agree.

But yeah, the reason DC has sold alot more shows you what massive Hype can get you.. That and ofc the fact that there are alot more PS4's out there.

But most people (who aren't fanboys) that have played both games enough to have a saying probably pick FH2. Not everyone ofc! And i ofc respect that, each to their own.

And yeah, this being N4G and all, i'll get negged to the stoneage. But hey, wth :-)

SoapShoes1421d ago

^ Uh they're both good... By far? LOL!

ian721420d ago

I got the game for £20 used from CEX in UK just before Christmas....I was going to wait to try ps+ version, but at £20 thought I'd give it a try and not disappointed....IMO it's well worth what I paid, very good single player, not tried online yet.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1421d ago

Driveclub is addictive as hell. I was just doing solo time trials and moving up the leader boards with each type of car. Now PSN is down and no leader boards. -_-
It's like playing Bejeweled with cars.

jc121421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

the graphics are the best thing about this game in my opinion. At first the racing is pretty intense, aided by the fact that the graphics are so realistic. There's also a great sense of speed - especially for a 30 fps game. Engine audio is excellent too, as is the score. Truly not a bad game, but certainly not worthy of all the praise its been receiving post weather patch.

After one gets used to the graphics, things start to become a bit stale. The game slowly loses that intense/visceral edge it initially had, and its weaknesses become apparent: Lack of car customization, not enough cars, no American cars, not enough track diversity, somewhat erratic and inconsistent drifting, overly aggressive AI that smashes into you on a whim, no dynamic car damage, bumper car tracks, no freedom whatsoever, no open world tracks, and a disjointed single player campaign that lacks cohesion.

dmonee1421d ago

What happened to the free ps plus version?

NixonMonoxide1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )


I laughed so hard when I saw that. I couldn't even continue reading. Oh it's from Dualshockers.

Fine VG "journalism" right there.

"dc is the best looking game to date"

ROFL!!! Thanks a lot Manxey. I really needed a good laugh today.

D3athc3ll1420d ago

What game looks better?

Don't tell me Crysis 3 on pc lol!!

This game looks the best! For a racer at least!!

Project Cars on pc looks worse than this! Go check the rain gameplay! While racing the drops doesn't even move in project cars lol!

JimmyDM901421d ago

What would Dualshockers do without Driveclub...

FromTheAshes1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Easy, don't dare speak against DualShockers and Abriael's conflated and over-exaggerated articles on N4G or you might have some worthless moderator tell you you were off topic when you clearly weren't.

ON TOPIC: If the best thing Driveclub has for itself is "photomode" screen shots showing snow...Then it is already behind considering games on the PS2 already did the weather effects in Grand Prix Challenge @ 60fps that have been touted so much about in Driveclub from DualShockers article's...

hardcorehippiez1420d ago

and you think that looks anyway as realistic as driveclub ? mmmmm ok then try playing it and then come back and comment. it truly is the best looking next gen game so far .... when something better comes out i am sure it will get loads of photo uploads as well as that now is a big part integrated into these systems and is easy to do. relax and give credit where it is due it is a remarkable looking game. unless of course you just cant let it go because its not on your system of choice and to that i say you may get used to it because its going to happen quite a lot this generation.

FromTheAshes1420d ago


My point----->

PS2 = 6 gigaflops @ 32MB Ram
PS4 = 1.8 teraflops @ 8GB Ram

I never said the game I posted looks better than DC, obviously not...I'm just pointing out how over exaggerated DC graphics and features are.

Weather effects is not new if the ancient PS2 can do it at 60fps. How long have you been a gamer? This must be your first console generation or something.

hardcorehippiez1419d ago

actually ive been a gamer since pong and i stand by my comment. i know weather has been done before, but not to the visual fidelity that drive club does it which is my point. its the best looking console exclusive, hell id even say racing game on any platform and until it is bettered it will hold the crown and people will share pictures

DigitalRaptor1420d ago

How about reading the other 98% of their articles.

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