Sony Ericsson C702 Toilet Test Is Gross, Yet Intriguing [Sony Ericsson]

Nowhere in the specs of the Sony Ericsson C720 does it say that it's completely waterproof-just dust and splash proof.

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Heaven_Or_Hell3670d ago

What an interesting game news we have here...

Exaught3670d ago

It is in the tech section....

SL1M DADDY3670d ago

That even after it has been dropped into the toilet, no matter if it works or not, it should be considered broken. Sorry, but I don't hold turds up to my ear, why would I hold a phone that has fallen into a toilet to my ear? lol

TheTimeDoctor3669d ago

i disagree i think you do hold turds up to your head

kenshin22up3670d ago

that kid should have worn some gloves

kamisama3670d ago

couldnt he have just used a sink instead..........

Matpan3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Man... what´s with the gross part? Is he in a public toilet or something? As far as this video shows (IDK if there is a longer version...) the guy just might be using his own WC which could have just been cleaned (it looks clean to me, not like a travel worn toll plaza rush hour wc at all).
All in all, it´s a good way to generate an impression on viewer, combining the phone water-resistance awe with the "gross" feeling most viewers get... IMO much better viral results than a phone in a sink.

BTW... I should get that phone, I usually get phones wrecked by water... looks like a good alternative :P