Why Does Club Nintendo Assume We’re Fat?

Sure, there are plenty of happy fans here that are taller or heavier or more muscular, but c’mon Nintendo. You’re like ignoring half of your fanbase here.

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PeaSFor1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

i have over 1800points but cant spend them since nothing is interesting to me(no, old nes/snes games in virtual console wont do it since i still own my NES/Snes with most classics), i wanted shirts for like 2 years but its NEVER available in medium size.

xHeavYx1152d ago

I know, right? I remember going to an Uncharted 2 launch thing that Sony did years ago and they were giving out pretty cool shirts, but the smallest size was L. Same at the last PAX in Seattle, couldn't get Driveclub or The Order shirts. I did get a pretty cool Bloodborne shirt though.

christian hour1152d ago

Also clothing sizes vary from region to region. Anytime I order a "small" from an american clothing site, it's more like buying a medium over here :( And a medium is close to an XL. :-/ Must be us tiny irish folk at fault i guess -_-

FullmetalRoyale1152d ago

I was going to say; because statistically speaking....

Lol well said.

Muzikguy1152d ago

I know there's a lot I'd think they only had small shorts available. Now it's the other way around....

I know whenever I'm at Walmart what shirts are missing first

Muzikguy1152d ago

Shorts = shirts up there lol

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SaveFerris1152d ago

No, they're just big-boned.

FullmetalRoyale1152d ago

Put the cookie down?

Ya know, because of the Arnie picture...


Serrafina1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Sometimes, the extra large t-shirts are comfortable as sleeping clothes, especially ones with your favorite game characters! :D

PeaSFor1152d ago

uh, sleeping butt naked is the only way to sleep.

camel_toad1152d ago

Nailed it. Clothes are for warmth and special events.

1152d ago
tinkypop1152d ago

Its all about the bass.... , no treble...

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The story is too old to be commented.