Game of the Year 2014: The Gamer's Lounge Picks

The crew of The Gamer’s Lounge has gotten together and discussed our game of the year picks. To some of us, our GOTY candidates were epic 60 hour RPGs, for others it was new IPs destined to change the face of gaming, and for some of us our choices were games that flew under the radar. 2014 was truly a great year for gaming for every platform.

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OmegaShen1425d ago

Destiny is so GOTY, its still getting more players (which kind of a shock).

kube001425d ago

They must be doing something right

EnzoLuca1425d ago

No, lots of people are doing something wrong

Jovahkiin1425d ago

I can't decide between Farcry 4 (40 hours) or Dragon Age Inquisition (50 hours)

Both are masterpieces in their respective genres.

JediHunter661425d ago

Destiny should not even be close to being considered a GotY candidate when there's a plethora of better choices out there.

UnHoly_One1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Agreed. I played a lot of games this year and I would put Destiny at or very near the bottom.

CorndogBurglar1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

The thing is, Destiny has the ability to keep millions of people interested even months after it released.

That isn't easy to do. Despite its flaws, it definitely has a HUGE following.

Does it deserve game of the year? I don't know. It would be close for me, as no other game has kept me interested for 4 months on end. I mean, its all i play. So that in itself is huge for me. Its just that fun.

But I do recognize that games like Shadow of Mordor or Dragon Age Inquisition probably deserve GOTY more, simply because they are better made games with much more content. But then again, you have to go back to staying power. Even though SoM and Dragon Age have more content, how many people are still going to be playing those games 4 months after they beat them?

So its tough for me.

Omnisonne1425d ago

How people can play the same 3 generic missions and strikes for this long is beyond me

From my experience Destiny is addicting in a bad way, and somehow that addiction shrouds people from thinking straight and seeing the game for what it really is; cut content DLCs on top of a DLC, with really repetitive gameplay and a fractured storyline that I can hardly remember.

Apologies for the gloom and doom.. I wont stop anyone from playing it if they want to but, the game seems built around addiction/exploit and nothing else. Rather than earning a playerbase with high quality content.

EnzoLuca1425d ago

Having clocked more then 200hrs into De$tiny i can no longer stand it

Locking off content for dlc and then charging 50% of the original price of the game for it has left a mighty sour taste in my mouth

And im not even going to mention the updates to the game that have reduced exotics to mere blue rarity weapons and a new convoluted currency system

Also Xur f**k you

Spotie1425d ago

Since when is $15 half of $60?

And... you've spent 200 freaking hours. You got your money's worth, and then some.

Oschino19071425d ago

The dlc expansion was $19.99 or $34.99 for the season pass.

EnzoLuca1425d ago

£40 full game
£20 dlc
Other currencies/countries exist btw

CorndogBurglar1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

How many other games have you played for over 200 hours? Its obviously doing something right to keep you playing that long. If you had said like 80 or 90 hours then I would understand that maybe you wanted to be sure to get your money's worth, or you wanted to experience everything. But you played 100 hours more than that lol. Do you mean to tell me that during that extra 100 hours you weren't having fun? Come on now, no one would play that long if they weren't enjoying it.

Like I said, it definitely has its flaws. But the fact that people like it enough to put so much time into it says a lot. Especially with its flaws.

Also, 20 is not half of 60.

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