This Modder Created Bayonetta, Iron Man, Spider-Man And Link Outfits For Ultra Street Fighter IV

"While Capcom occasionally release new costumes for Ultra Street Fighter IV, PC gamers have been modding the various PC releases of Street Fighter IV for years, toying around with the character models to give them new looks. Costumes run the gamut from a Kratos outfit for Sagat to Sakura with long hair and a bandana.

Deviantart user Khaledantar666 is one such modder, and has been releasing a variety of costumes for both Ultra Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken. You can find some of his work below with the appropriate links back to his Deviantart page."

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Godmars2901451d ago

Anyone else using Firefox and Kaspersky getting a warning through the link?

I just tried another, direct, link to Siliconera and just went through, though I've gotten similar warning from other N4G linked stories.

scark921451d ago

I got it using Google Chrome :(

TXIDarkAvenger1451d ago

Yup on Chrome and all the linked stories here are giving me trouble :/

darksky1451d ago

you can go to the website directly though so something to do with how it is linked through N4G.

Raf1k11451d ago

Got it on Firefox with Avast.

shloobmm31451d ago

it's an N4G link problem.

nunley331451d ago

I got the same warning with chrome but switched to a different browser and the links work now

dragonyght1450d ago

been getting that the past few days. it's kinda annoying

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1451d ago
DevilOgreFish1451d ago

can't wait to see what they do for SFV.

XtraTrstrL1451d ago

Those are some quality mods right there.

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