The Great Game Rip-Off

The hype of a good sale is nothing new, but are we blindsided by the offer of 50% off when in fact there is nothing discounted? It is no secret that some shops are sneaks and raise the product costs prior to a sale only to cancel out the increase with the sale but are we really not bothered and that discount sign is enough to make us think it's a good deal? Marketing at it's best or humanity at its stupidity?

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ArchangelMike1420d ago

Gamers at their most gullible is right. I rarely shop at GAME anymore, their prices are ridiculous - their "sales" prices are simply what the game should have cost at release.

Mikelarry1420d ago

Game are the worst, you would think after they almost went into administration that they become more competitive but no. Like you i seldom visit the outlet like you said they try passing of original price as sale price.

TheLyonKing1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

They get the business from mum's buying their 11 year old 18+ games.

The one in Aberdeen is either filled with kids from posh school kids or mum's, that's all. I don't how we have 2 game stores.

Pozzle1420d ago

Same with EB Games here in Australia. They charge people $100 (or sometimes more!) for new games, then when they have a sale it's STILL more expensive than the games should be at release.

I'm surprised people even shop there considering every other game retailer (Big W, JB Hi-Fi, Sanity, etc) sell games cheaper than EB.

TheSaint1420d ago

It's always been their MO, I honestly can't believe people ever buy anything there.

It boggles the mind that they KEEP getting away with it.

christian hour1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Having worked in various retail jobs throughout my life, I can tell you this practice is so widespread it makes me sick, I even got fired once when I refused to up the prices a week before we were having a supposed sale. That was the last time I ever worked retail. I can't be dishonest or sneaky, no matter how much they pay me.

But I'm actually surprised Game are up to this crap. After nearly going in to liquidation (pretty much all the stores here in Ireland closed down, I remember staff having store sit-ins to protest because they never got paid/redundancy/etc) and being reduced to their UK stores, I figured they'd be a little bit more customer friendly and doign whatever they can to restore faith in the consumer, if this turns out to be true then that is jsut ridiculous.

In Ireland all we've had since Game shut down here was HMV and Gamestop (For a while it was JUST gamestop as HMV went the way of GAME before it, but HMV got brought back from the brink recently).Gamestop, being the only major dedicated gaming retail chain left in Ireland, are pretty much doing whatever they want since it's not like consumers can go anywhere else (HMV kinda sucks in the games department, jack of all trades, master of none kinda thing). For example, selling Pre-Owned games at the exact same price as brand new ones. I can't even undersand the logic behind it...

But this is why I've gone digital so far this gen, I refuse to support their (Gamestops) business if that's how they treat the consumer. I was only thinking the other day "I wish GAME was still around to force competitive prices on Gamestop like the good ol days" but, after reading this article (assuming its true) I gotta be careful what I wish for in the future. It just might come true.

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Apex131420d ago

I have been saying this for ages. Currys, Groupon etc do the same thing also. I'm very price aware because I like tech but others are being robbed. This should be a trading standard Case

GokuSolosAll1420d ago

GameStop has some legit sales.

XboxOneX1420d ago

lol I pity you if you believe that.

affrogamer1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Game (UK) = Gamestop (US) = EB Games (Aus) = worst places to shop for games!

DigitalRaptor1419d ago

Sadly, it's one of the only places you'll find the Collector's Editions that you want.

Feel a bit dirty when ordering from them.

Ciporta19801419d ago

I can't understand how anyone ever buys anything from this shop. I went in the other day and farcry 4 was £59.99. When I bought diablo 3 about 6 months ago I took the game to the counter to ask if the £55 price tag was a mistake then laughed an told them to fuck off when they said it was the real price and got it elsewhere for £40. I don't say this lightly but that shop deserves to got out of business.

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