Games of 2014: Destiny - Xur, you are being hunted

"Remember the loot cave? Of course you do. If you loved Destiny, it was your guilty pleasure. If you hated Destiny, it was your smoking gun. Everyone agreed that it laid bare the way Destiny is underpinned by a mixture of grinding and randomness. The difference is that those of us who loved the game simply enjoyed the novelty of tipping things in our favour, however briefly, before returning to our other satisfying routines.

Most of the time, that's what Destiny has been for me: a satisfying routine. I would head to the Tower, check on the latest bounties and then plan my day. If there was one for killing 10 Hive leaders and another for completing six patrol missions in the Cosmodrome, that was half an hour in Old Russia, boosting between mission beacons on my Sparrow and camping a spawn point where I knew I could find Hive Majors beneath the Steppes."

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tdogchristy901424d ago

This was a good read and sums up my time with destiny. For the first couple of months I was absolutely swallowed in destiny, loved co-oping with friends. I hadn't had time to do the expansion as I had to go on holiday. However since being on holiday and reading how the expansion resets things, I really don't want to go through it all over again. I get back from vacation the mid of January and when I do I doubt I'll jump back into destiny. I really enjoyed the ride but with the news of the expansion I think I'll be taking a major break and starting the gta 5 story instead.

JediHunter661424d ago

Destiny was a fun ride while it lasted, the co-op with friends was enjoyable but in the end repetition and a lack of content killed it for me. There's a plethora of other stuff to play that exceeds what Destiny has to offer. I dont hate the game but I definitely dont have a motivation to ever log back onto any of my characters any time soon.