The Legend of Legacy’s trade system detailed

FuRyu has detailed how trade will work in its upcoming 3DS RPG The Legend of Legacy.

Players will be able to send out a ship from the city to do trade with various other cities. The ship, which is available in small, medium, and large variations, will bring back various goods, including armor and recovery items. Large ships, while more costly and time-heavy, are more likely to obtain more goods. StreetPass is also supported. The game will send ships to players as they’re passed and return with random items.

The Legend of Legacy is due out in Japan on January 22.

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kalkano1364d ago

Should I care, or is there no hope for localization?

MrSwankSinatra1364d ago

It sucks to be a JRPG fan, we always have to be skeptical due to localization's.

3-4-51363d ago

trade system? in a RPG? Yes please.

I really hope we see this game in the U.S.

GokuSolosAll1363d ago

I wish I was into mind-numbing shooters, racers, and open-world so I wouldn't worry about localization issues.

kalkano1363d ago

Translation: "I wish I was an idiot...Things would be so much simpler..."

LOL! And, I agree. ;)

Jovahkiin1363d ago

This game looks beautiful and reminds me of Bravely Default. Hopefully it comes to Europe Sooner rather than never.