This is Vegas screenshots and art

Destructoid writes: "Midway just tossed us a bunch of screens and art for their upcoming title This is Vegas, which is slated for release next year on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

This is Vegas is a gambling game with a twist. It actually possesses a story and has several different dynamics aside from just staring at a slot machine. The game is slightly bent to boot. This is Vegas revolves around making Las Vegas an evil, sin-filled place again after a businessman turns the city into a G-rated hospice for vacationers and thrill seekers. It is up to the particularly gruff protagonist to travel around Vegas collecting money by gambling, racing, drinking, and fighting. Oh, and This is Vegas embraces cheating, so get ready to have some decent gambling game fun for once.

Feel free to check out the gallery to get a solid feel for the game."

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MK_Red3730d ago

I heard it was delayed till 2009. They better work on graphics and the look.