IGN: PS3 Trophy Impressions

Firmware 2.40 hit the PS3 late last night, which means that IGN are all sitting at their desks and playing Super Stardust HD, the only game with Trophy support thus far. IGN's take on the whole is that things are largely positive, but not perfect. Here's the IGN PlayStation Team's take on how things work so far.

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ToastyMcNibbles3670d ago

i was up late as hell last night trying to get trophies in stardust...this new system is addictive and i love it...cant wait to see how they expand it later on down the road especially with home

Lifendz3670d ago

holy crap. The leveling up is going to be amazing. I almost want to check out Super Stardust just to see what it's like.

Ducati3670d ago

It's got me back into playing it now, I haven't played it in quite awhile. Looking forward to the first Trophy. :o)

Old Snake3670d ago

DO you hear a sound when you unlock a trophy?

Premonition3670d ago

Good read, I cant wait till other games get support, I dont mind jumping back into some old PS3 games.

meepmoopmeep3670d ago

it's got me back to playing SSHD, that's for sure, i just want to unlock the World Conquer trophies. i'm too n00b to get the rest.

Heavenly Sword
PixelJunk Monsters

are the only ones i really want to get trophies for since they're my favorite games so far on the PS3

mightydog013670d ago

So far I've got 5 bronze and 1 silver in superstar dust level 1 about half way to level 2

Bazookajoe_833670d ago

I have updated but i havent played superstardust yet, i must say i like the trophy idé more than gamer points.

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The story is too old to be commented.