Fallout 4: 10 Things It Must Learn From Mass Effect

WC: Without further delay, it’s time to consider the ways in which the space-hopping adventures of Commander Shepard and his companions could shape the struggle for survival of Bethesda’s next wasteland wanderer. Be warned; spoilers for the past, present and future of both series’ will follow.

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MrSwankSinatra1389d ago

Fallout doesn't need to learn anything from Mass Effect because Fallout is better than Mass Effect.

TheXgamerLive1388d ago

My FallOut 4 hopes is that it is NOT like mass effect, also I hope its current gen only.
If its cross gen its going to partially fail as Destiny did in so many gamers eyes.

alstruck1387d ago

The only one thing Fallout needs to learn from Mass Effect is don't sell yourself to EA.

RondoMachete1388d ago

Mass Effect will always be in Fallouts shadow.... God i hope we get an announcement next year.

Feralkitsune1387d ago

They aren't even similar. It won't even be in the shadow it will be under a different light altogether.

Psychotica1388d ago

Personally I hope there is no multiplayer in Fallout 4 so we can get the best single player game possible.

DasTier1388d ago

Lol what, but I hate Mass Effect and love Fallout?

Still Elder Scrolls>Fallout

DVAcme1388d ago

This is stupid, they're totally different genres of games. Fallout is all about exploration, survival and solitude, Mass Effect tropes would kot work well in the Fallout world.

If you want a game like Mass Effect, play Mass Effect. Leave Fallout alone.

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