Price Crashing: Assassin’s Creed: Unity and The Crew

Christmas has just ended, but it looks like a massive crash might lead to some Boxing Day miracles in the UK. AUTOMATON's Shehzaan Abdulla has spotted some great price cuts already in progress.

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CloudRap1080d ago

Ive been saying for years that Ubisoft is way worse than EA.

andrewer1080d ago

No, even after all this mess, they still didn't reach EA. After all they never went on studio hunt like EA.

MRMagoo1231080d ago

I won't be buying another ubi game ever , not after all this crap. If they want sales they better release non - gimped ps4 games and actually finish making the game before release.

Codewow1080d ago

I hope The Division isn't hit by all this flak... I'm so pumped for that game... Ubisoft don't flook it up!

Bhuahahaha1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

im pretty hype for division too
but after unity ill go wait for a couple of day or 2 before buying it

_-EDMIX-_1080d ago

.....soooo we do know that Ubisoft isn't 1 team right? lol

Codewow1079d ago

Ubisoft is ONE publisher. That has control over how fast a dev is supposed to produce content. IT's been delayed already, let's just hope it works out for the devs.

crazychris41241080d ago

Unity is as disaster but The Crew is actually pretty good. If you play with a couple friends and do missions n free roam together you can get alot of enjoyment out of the game. They announced they will be working on major issues like network problems and insane AI rubberbanding (cops will travel at light speed to take you down) They also said they were a couple goodies too in the next patch. If your not a huge racing fan like I am than just wait for a sale. This isnt better than FH2 or DC.