Destiny Xur: Agent Of Nine Location/Items For Week 16 (Dec 26), Selling Gjallahorn Upgrade & More

Here is the list of Destiny Xur: Agent of Nine exotic Items and Location For Week 16 (December 26)

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bananaboats1446d ago

I been waiting for that Ghorn 2.0 and thankfully I got it thru the nightfall so now I have 2 Ghorns.

mickaelmc1446d ago

Why is every n4g article telling me the link contains malware????

socivL1446d ago

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GothamReturns1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Wanted the red death pulse, but glad he is selling the last word, thunderlord and gjallarhorn upgrade. Also have the bounties for the 2.0 versions of the thorn and bad juju. Time to do those again lol

AKS1445d ago

I'm re-doing all the exotic bounties but Pocket Infinity. I'm not going through that again. I think I've done 3 Super Good Advices now. 331 damage for the first one and extra shards from the rest.

Stapleface1446d ago

Great, Gjallahorn upgrade available when pretty much no one can get online. To those that can get online, definitely get that No Land Beyond. Not for it's awesomeness, but just to get a good laugh at how bad of a joke Bungie played on people with that weapon. I'm pretty sure they put it in game, just so when people get it on nightfalls and such, they get excited that they got an exotic only to find it's the worst pos in the game. Har har har Bungie. Glad I got my Helm of Saint 14 last week from the exotic helmet engram though because I'd be really pissed if I was missing out on both upgrades that I wanted since the expansion came out. Just one. I'm sure Xur will sell the Ghorn upgrade again in like 3 more months...

AKS1445d ago

In terms of UPGRADES, it's not that bad of a Xur visit. Hawkmoon may be the best primary, Suros Regime is the best auto rifle, Gjallarhorn is the best PvE launcher, Red Death is the best pulse rifle, and two of the best Titan helmets can be upgraded, including my favorite with a decent stat roll, Helm of St-14.

Most of the weapons that can be upgraded are actually quite good. It's the goods he's selling for coins that are lacking, and there is no exotic engram. Even the good pieces of armor he's selling for coins have lousy stat rolls compared to previous weeks. My Armamentarium has +167 Discipline. My Achlyophage Symbiote is in the range of +125 Discipline.

PainUzumaki1446d ago

No Land Beyond is probably the worst gun in the game....There are green weapons that are better

brich2331446d ago

your missing the whole point though, can other snipers be equipped to primary?

Cra2yey31445d ago

That's the balance ppl don't understand. I won't be buying it tho

CorndogBurglar1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

What's the point if it sucks though?

Universal Remote is a primary shotgun, but it doesn't suck. So why does this?

brich2331445d ago

they will patch it eventually, just like they patched all the other exotics.

AKS1445d ago

I actually got 2 No Land Beyonds in one day. LOL. One from a nightfall in the morning and one from killing Crota later that evening.

NLB is indeed pretty lousy in its current state, but it's also easily fixable. Improve fire rate, increase max ammo, and fix those obstructive iron sights.

Most of the weaker exotics got much better with the last big exotic update. Bad Juju is now actually outstanding for the maze section of the Crota raid. Prior to the update, using Bad Juju for a new raid, or any high level mission for that matter, was almost unfathomable. Thorn went from decent to one of the best primaries in the game. I feel pretty confident that Bungie will improve NLB quite a bit eventually.

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