Mission Mode DLC coming to NG2

Thank you sharp-eyed forum posters, you may have spotted something that could mean Ninja Gaiden 2 will actually get some content worth paying for. Sighted somewhere on the XBL Marketplace was the mention that NG2 will get a downloadable mission mode on the...

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Ninja-Sama3789d ago

content deliberately left out of the final build so that they can charge for it later? Yep, pretty much. I mean mission mode was in the original NG on the Xbox...why charge for it now?

We gamers are creating a beast by continually supporting all these stupid dlc for games. Not saying some aren't worth it but the majority of it isn't.

Bnet3433789d ago

Yeah man, this is seriously stupid and you are right they held off just to charge money. I am pissed off right now. I am not buying it. I'll play NG Black Mission mode.

Sangria3789d ago

Once upon a time, when you finished a game, you unlocked new modes, new costumes, new artworks, new characters, etc... Now, we give you a full-fee game with all the basics (story mode + options) and you have to pay the other modes, characters, costumes, artworks, etc...

(i don't blame Ninja Gaiden 2 particularly, just some of the next gen games that use that method)

I'm currently playing Soul Calibur on Dreamcast, there are Arcade mode, Mission mode and Battle mode as default. Once you play Mission mode, you can buy (virtually) tons of artworks, and sometimes it unlocks a new costume, a new quest, a new mode, a new mission, etc...

Next Gen is becoming pathetic making players paying and paying all over again for features you would already have in classic games.

Mcrmarcher3789d ago

Yea this should be included in the game for free, but people want to make a quick buck so us gamers are pretty much screwed, this is so not fair to hardcore fans. This has to be stopped its a ripoff.

dwjohnson0112113789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

But they didnt have time to make it inside the game without delaying is what itagaki said kind of like how conquest mode in BFBC will not be available until later. I <3 NGII