Final Fantasy XV and Type-0 HD screenshots

Square Enix has released a new set of Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD screenshots.

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qwerty6761181d ago

my breath was not taken.

Metallox1181d ago

Look like official artwork, wow. But it isn't breathtaking, definitely; to be that it would need to be in 4D.

Walker1181d ago

The first tow pics are CG/Bullshot

MeteorPanda1181d ago

FF type-0 looks like it consists of nothing but Vincent Valentine fans XD

averagejoe261181d ago

These aren't new at all. Just screen captures of the trailer we've seen already.

Zodiac1181d ago

I'm getting malware error warnings for every link of every article i have tried top view. Anybody else getting that?

Summons751181d ago

I was getting that all last night too

GokuSolosAll1181d ago

I'll be renting FFXV because it looks fun but not "Final Fantasy" fun, and buying Type-0 to show support for localization of games they usually don't bring to America (despite not doing it for Vita, damn retards).

Eiyuuou1181d ago

That's up to you. :) To me it does look like FF fun, so I'll buy both. (unless the demo is terrible)

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