Game Argus Review: Hellboy: The Science of Evil

Game Argus writes: "Surprisingly not correlated to this summer's Hellboy movie sequel, Konami's video game adaptation spins its own story. Sadly, it's one plagued by monotonous button mashing, impossible aiming controls, and a non-player controlled camera that will do you no favors.

If this video game adaptation does anything right, it's maintain the character's attitude and humorous one liners. Hellboy is handled properly in the games cinematics, both with a decent character model and with Ron Pearlman voicing him (why isn't this based off the movie again?). Dialogue is one of the only Hellboy traits intact, as the combat could have been replaced by any generic character with the same results.

For those not in the know, Hellboy has a massive hand which he uses to smash his enemies into pulp. Science of Evil uses this for everything is can, regardless of how dull it may be for the player in the end. Smashing doors open requires constant smashing of the X button that after third time, feels completely unnecessary."

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