10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Nintendo DS and 3DS

The DS line of Nintendo handhelds is a monster. Not only is it the best-selling handheld gaming system of all time, it's the second-best-selling video game system period of all time. Only the PlayStation 2 beats it in terms of numbers moved. The amount of power that developers manage to get out of cartridge technology is amazing, and great titles continue to be released exclusively on the system every year.

As popular as it is, though, there are still some hidden mysteries about it. Let's look at a few.

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R00bot1452d ago

Chrome is showing up with a malware warning, do not click the link.

GamingForever1452d ago

That's weird... Website never gave any trouble in the past... I'll contact the site to let them know.

R00bot1452d ago

Hmm well Chrome has told me there's malware every time I've clicked the link. Perhaps an error?

R00bot1452d ago

Wait, Chrome is saying that the malware is on the n4g clickout page. Probably an error then?

R00bot1452d ago

Yes I'd say it's definitely either an error or there is a security error in N4G itself. Showing up for all clickouts. Sorry to disturb you.

viperman2401451d ago

This is what google is claiming they found.


Be careful on clicking ads and/or any random pop ups.

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Lots of links in N4G today have had malware warnings.

Something else is up.

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Ok, so it's for every site, that's good... at least it's not the website... I guess n4g will fix it later on.

Pyrofire951451d ago

I'm having the same issue with a few links on n4g

GokuSolosAll1451d ago

That Zelda movvie game idea is what entertainment needs, fresh ideas.

Spore_7771451d ago

I'm curious as to how it would work. Any ideas?

Gaming_Guru1451d ago

lol, what is up with these links, this is the second time a website might have a virus.